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Kick off your learning with our launch course — Document & Communication Manager (DCM) — and now System Administration.

In the DCM course, you’ll learn best practices designed to make your DCM administrative work more effective, while the System Admin course will enhance your core knowledge for managing Comply365 solutions, ultimately providing a better experience for your users.

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System Administration Course Now Available! 

Courses Available Now:

  • Document & Communication Manager (DCM)
  • System Administration

DCM Course Syllabus

Lesson 1 – Administration

  • Begin your administrative learning with initial setup of the website.

Lesson 2 – Mobile View

  • Get to know the mobile app and how a user will experience the distribution of publications.

Lesson 3 – Categories

  • Learn how Categories form the foundation of DCM Administration.

Lesson 4 – DCM Library

  • Best practices for creating effective publications.

Lesson 5 – Distribution

  • An overview of the methods of distributing publications.

Lesson 6 – Collections

  • Learn how to effectively build your users’ publication library structure.

Lesson 7 – Groups

  • Use Groups to make distribution easier.

Lesson 8 – Edit Publications

  • Learn how to update and revise publications.

Lesson 9 – Custom Attributes

  • Use the power of custom attributes to automatically manage group membership and publication distribution.

Lesson 10 – Linked PDFs

  • Learn how a Linked PDF can solve the challenge of loading extremely large publications

Lesson 11 – Standards365

  • Learn how to trace standards to your publications.

Lesson 12 – Report Center

  • Understand the DCM reports available to you and how to use them.

System Administration Course Syllabus

Lesson 1 – Intro to Comply365

  • Begin your administrative learning with a quick tour of Comply365.

Lesson 2 – Managed Content

  • Learn how to customize some content to your company’s specifications.

Lesson 3 – Resources/Alerts

  • Best Practices to get the most out of these homepage tools.

Lesson 4 – Core Site Settings

  • Learn to fine tune your site with these Best Practices.

Lesson 5 – User Management

  • How to effectively manage users.

Lesson 6 – Organizations

  • Learn how to use Company Departments within Comply365.

Lesson 7 – Bulk Loads

  • Make use of our feature to load multiple items at once.

Lesson 8 – Auditor Data Exposure

  • Learn how to limit the access an auditor has to the Report Center.

Lesson 9 – System Storage

  • Best Practices to move data around and clean up storage space.

Lesson 10 – Mobile Admin

  • Learn how to change the device status for your users.

Lesson 11 – Localization

  • Learn how to customize the appearance of your site and mobile app.

Lesson 12 – Report Center

  • Understand the System reports available to you and how to use them.

System Requirements

  • PC or mobile device
    • If you take your course on a PC, we suggest you have a mobile device you can use to experience the Comply365 App during the course.
  • Internet access and supported browser
    • Our courses are maximized on Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Microsoft Edge.
    • Internet Explorer is not supported.
  • Speakers or headphones – much of the course consists of audio instructions

Regular Pricing

eLearning Fees

*In US Dollars

Single course$300
4-course package$1,000
8-course package$1,800
  • All fees in US Dollars
  • Single course is one course for one learner
  • Package courses include access for any combination of courses and learners up to the number of courses in the package (e.g., four different courses can be taken by the same learner, or four different learners can take any one course)
  • Tip: Check with your HR or Training department for available certification program tuition assistance.


  • Course selection is not required at time of purchase
  • Purchase is non-refundable
  • Course(s) must be activated within 12 months of purchase. Once course is activated:
    • The learner and course are assigned
    • The assigned learner and course selection are non-transferrable and cannot be changed

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Become a Certified Administrator

Comply365 Certified AdministratorUpon completion of your eLearning course, you may take the optional Certification Exam to test your proficiency.


In these unprecedented times, training programs can be extremely difficult. This challenge was met head on by the preparation and work from Comply365 Client Resources. The recent Comply365 training I was a part of overdelivered versus my expectations. The virtual training allows users to go at their own pace. The exercises throughout the training were very helpful to fully utilize the opportunity to learn what was being taught. I appreciate the effort and collaboration from the training staff to achieve the objectives of the course.

— M. McKinney, Sun Country Airlines,
Comply365 Administrator & eLearning Advisory Board member