Airport Emergency Management Collaboration – When Minutes Matter

Emergency Management Collaboration is no longer a want but a must-have. And managing critical situations doesn’t just involve airport employees and their need to quickly access information. Contractors, tenants and other airport stakeholders need to remain connected during critical situations, and now they can with Comply365.

Real-time Chat:
The New Airport Emergency Management Tool

When an airport services employee notices an unattended piece of luggage, he is quickly able to alert key personnel together in a ProChat conversation to handle the situation. When no one responds to an announcement to claim the unattended suitcase, the employee seeks assistance through the conversation on his tablet, where he also uploads a photo of the luggage.

Security personnel and airport operations are quickly dispatched, and a member of the bomb squad who is following the conversation also directs her team to head to the terminal. Luckily the terminal is empty of passengers, but had it been in a loud, congested area, airport personnel would be able to communicate privately and efficiently compared to multiple radio conversations. The luggage is later deemed not to be a threat, but the ProChat conversation remains automatically recorded for backend reporting and de-identification.

Rethink Airport Emergency Management Collaboration

  • Real-Time, Encrypted Communication
  • Clear and Efficient Coordination
  • Multi-Stakeholder Communication
  • De-Identified Roles
  • Automatic Escalations
  • Situational Awareness
  • Real-Time Workflows
  • Holistic View Across Your Entire Ecosystem
  • Mobile-First Solution Works on Any Platform
  • De-Identified Electronic Records for Analysis & Reporting

In critical situations, key personnel need to be notified of the situation at hand, and cross-departmental collaboration is crucial for responsibly securing public areas. Whether faced with an unattended piece of luggage, a missing child or even an active shooter, what if all key people and departments could be notified within seconds, at the appropriate time, while eliminating steps that eat up valuable seconds? Automatic escalation brings the right people together at the right time.

Using our securely encrypted chat tool as part of the Digital Airport Solution, ProChat allows key players to communicate during critical situations or events. Pre-defined templates immediately pull in the right people who need to be notified of the urgent situation. They receive real-time text communications, can upload and view files such as pictures and videos, and are kept in the loop as events unfold. No more tied up phone lines, radio delays, or other forms of unclear or unreliable communication. The modernized emergency management collaboration boosts real-time action and resolution so everyone is involved and empowered with information from beginning to end.

Comply365 has already helped roughly 75% of the North American airline industry to digitally transform their operations. Now, airports across the world are turning to Comply365’s suite of cutting-edge mobile enterprise solutions to improve efficiency, increase safety and agility, and mitigate risk.

If you want to modernize your airport emergency response, we’d love to help you. For more information or to schedule a demo, email or call +1 (800) 206-2004.