AQP/EBT Learning Manager

Easy Technology. Better Data. Smarter Decisions.

Comply365’s AQP/EBT Learning Manager is based on your training objectives. With real-time reporting and electronic grade sheets, complete your AQP/Evidence-Based Training from anywhere, even without connectivity. Grading can even be done on Android, Apple and Windows tablets. With fast and easy-to-use reporting, your management team can focus on creating a valuable training program, instead of spending time creating reports.

Take your evaluations mobile with Comply365.

The Next Level of Grading

Multi-dimensional grading enables you to rate multiple dimensions individually per task being evaluated. A “tactical situation” grading section can be added to an evaluation form to allow for a list of specific observable behavioral markers. Trainees can be graded for the tactical situation based on context specified in the success criteria, and the effectiveness is captured by ticking off each observable behavior listed for the tactical situation.

IQP Learning Manager:
Take Your Inflight Training Up A Notch

Take your training program to the next level with AQP designed especially for Inflight. Training to proficiency ensures you have the best-trained crews taking care of your biggest assets – your passengers. Comply365’s IQP Learning Manager solution is based on the unique training needs for your InFlight AQP program. This flexible solution can fit your specific training objectives.

Get to the level of detail you need to make better evaluations with multi-dimensional grading and tactical situation grading.

 Features & Benefits

High Performance Features for Evaluators and Training Management
  • Support your brand with customized look and feel
  • Customizable evaluation form structured to fit your needs, including evaluation of Event Sets & Events, or Tasks with Competencies in support of both Checking and Training
  • Get up and running quickly – seamlessly transform your JTLs to Training and Learning Objectives (TPO, SPO, EO)
  • Create custom lookup fields per your naming standards
  • Configure the system to support Evidence-Based Training (EBT) to access trainees across a set of competencies
  • Configure the system to support evaluation management of both trainees as well as evaluators/instructors
  • Configure Rating Scales to suit different types of Evaluations and Validations
  • Grade individuals or multiple students simultaneously online or offline to stay productive anywhere, anytime, on any device
  • Add Events Sets/Events during an evaluation, if needed
  • Configure evaluation Rating Type at the Event Set and/or Event level tailored to checking or training evaluation/validation
  • Customize Management Reporting and dashboards for sharper insights
  • See performance trends with real-time and automatic rollups of evaluation data for evaluators and students
East, Time-Saving Benefits
  • Access AQP training anytime, anywhere on any device – including tablets and smartphones
  • Grade on Android, Apple and Windows devices with or without Wi-Fi or 4G
  • Offline AQP for full functionality without connectivity – automatically syncs evaluations when back in connectivity
  • Link and sync AQP training data to operational systems like Crew Scheduling and Crew Qualifications
  • Perfect for live-grading environments, line checks and cabin trainer scenarios
  • Save time with form chaining – move right into the next evaluation without having to fill out new form information
  • Generate and submit FAA Data Extracts in mere moments
  • Fast, easy-to-read dashboard reporting that lets you drill down for specifics – down to the student and/or evaluation
  • Stay on track with a single system for training, risk management, compliance and audit
  • Works seamlessly with DCM and LMS to give evaluators one system to access all training and materials