Content Creation & Distribution Simplified

Content365 is a powerful and easy-to-use document processor that gives you a streamlined way to author and edit content in HTML. Now you can layer in smart content, layout controls and conditional automatic formatting for new content or quickly upload existing content — including SGML and XML— and make edits. Content365 links seamlessly with our secure mobile app, allowing users access to view the content from any device. Content365 saves time and transforms previously slow, manual paper processes into fast, instant electronic processes.

Create or import documents, then edit and distribute HTML content to users on any device.

Productivity Anywhere – On Any Device

User-inspired features and built-in revision control makes managing changes to any content, such as corporate memos or large manuals, a breeze. No more loading, making the change, converting to a PDF, uploading and distributing. Now you can make the change, see a comparison and instantly distribute the revision — rather than the whole document — to users on any device, all in one solution.

 Features & Benefits

  • Smart side-by-side comparisons – easily see what’s changed
  • Bookmarks, highlights and annotations stay intact regardless of changes – allowing users to personalize their content on any device
  • Real-time indexing and outlines help you jump to the page and section you need, making navigation faster and easier
  • Live page content – move beyond linked pages and interact with content within the page
  • Expand/collapse functionality – adjust your view of the content to work easier
  • Create custom attributes and apply them to sections in your document for easy reference and searching
  • Offline functionality – create, edit and distribute offline, then automatically link and sync when in connectivity
  • Full audit-ready tracking and reporting of changes and revisions
  • Automatic syncing – everything stays synced on any device, allowing users to switch devices seamlessly
  • Draw attention to specific sections, technical revisions and supplemental content with badges and notifications
  • Seamless integration to Document & Communication Manager, Standards365 and Workflow365 – for instant distribution and content consistency across the company and automated workflows
  • Reduce time from content creation to distribution with our one-stop solution. Save time by authoring documents or making
    revisions and then instantly distribute them all within the same solution.
  • Push changes or “delta sets” instantly. No need to edit or distribute the entire document.
  • Instantly distribute content to employees, contractors, vendors and your entire ecosystem – on any device.
  • Work offline – highlight, make notes and view content offline; automatically syncs when back in connectivity.
  • Work smarter and more efficiently with offline functionality, faster downloads and navigation tools.
  • Maintain consistency with instant side-by-side comparisons of changes.
  • Enhanced revision control helps reduce risk and potential fines.
  • Streamline and automate processes – combine with Document & Communication Manager, Standards365 and Workflow365 to maximize efficiencies and boost your bottom line.