Document & Communication Manager (DCM)

Deliver targeted content to frontline aviation and rail workforces

While content from OEM and company manuals and documents equip frontline employees, the amount of content they receive is overwhelming.

Ideally, the frontline should be able to quickly and easily access content and keep up with individual compliance. Only content relevant to each frontline employee is available on their device, so they see more of what they need and less of what they don’t – enabling them to focus on the situation at hand and not on finding content.

Comply365 makes it easy to mobilize.

“We needed a reliable solution to provide targeted distribution of our manuals and instructional content. Comply365 is a tried, tested and proven solution that was recommended to us by others across the industry.”

Flight Training International

Single paperless tool for all content & compliance

  • Always have the most updated content with revision control and automated syncs
  • Find content quickly and easily with filter and search functionality
  • Reduced volume of content to navigate with targeted distribution
  • Read and sign compliance and automated compliance tracking
  • Drive higher rates of compliance with real-time reporting insights
  • Intuitive and easy to learn for frontline operators
  • Available for Android, iOS, and Windows

Aviation & Rail’s most widely-used document delivery solution

DCM: Select groups or individuals for distribution

Targeted Distribution of Content

  • Role-based distribution based on individual frontline employee characteristics (ex: title, position, base)
  • Customizable library structure
  • Search within publications and across collections
  • Use tags to filter publication sets
  • Distribute all document types – PDF, XLS, MP4, etc.
  • Automatic revision control ensures most up-to-date content

An Intuitive User Experience

  • Personalized notifications for alerts and compliance
  • Work in and out of connectivity
  • Ability to comply from within a manual
  • Add personal annotations, bookmarks, and highlights that are retained across revisions
  • Revision highlights that show content updates
  • Automatic syncs in connectivity
  • Single Sign-On access
  • Light or dark color themes

DCM: Easily comply in a document

DCM: View compliance status by user

Robust Compliance Reporting & Management

  • Increase visibility into compliance status by group, publication collection, etc., for insights to improve compliance
  • Instantly generate reports for regulators
  • Reduce training for frontline to navigate manuals and data

Equip Your Frontline with the Data They Need to Succeed