Downsize Your Flight Bag to a Tablet

Not long ago, pilots who boarded a commercial aircraft brought bags of roughly 75 pounds of paper containing the required manuals that might be needed in the air. None of that paper could be instantly searched, and the regulations within these manuals are tied to important company, safety and regulatory codes. They must be kept in perfect alignment and tracked to avoid serious fines.

Using EFB solutions like our documents manager, reams of paper are transformed into hundreds of thousands of dollars in savings. A pilot no longer has to haul the heavy paper manuals on board, instead turning to the electronic flight bag on her mobile device for instant access to the latest required documents. She can also maintain her personal notes and annotations from revision to revision. The EFB solutions also includes inspection and safety forms; incident/accident forms; and maintenance request forms. When the pilot needs to check her email or communicate instantly with flight crew, she does it within Comply365’s app. The compliance that is built into the system makes it easy for the pilot to prove she is current with mandatory regulations.

Large U.S. airlines that converted from paper manuals and forms to an electronic flight bag solution have saved on average $1 million in fuel annually. Electronic flight bags also reduce issues and fines related to non-currency in the cockpit, in the cabin and at stations to zero, eliminating fines.