Powerful Electronic Smart Forms

Forms on the Go – Fast and Easy Information Gathering

Comply365’s powerful forms are so easy to use and feature-rich, you can do almost anything. With fast and easy buttons, fill-ins and selectable drop-downs – any input option – gathering information is a snap. Forms365 can replace all the forms you need to do your job. With the Forms Builder feature you can build your own forms quickly, or simply provide all your existing paper forms, work orders, checklists, surveys and applications, and our experienced team will work with you to transform them into highly-optimized digital forms.

Let us help you go truly paperless.

Productivity Anywhere – On Any Device

With our powerful enterprise solution seamlessly linked with the myMobile365 companion app, your forms are accessible on any PC, laptop or Android, iOS or Windows mobile device. Simply download the app, login with your credentials, and our forms appear. Since the forms reside on the device, you can access and complete them with or without connectivity. Once complete, simply hit Submit, and your data links and syncs with the enterprise solution for immediate reporting.

For easy organization of your forms, you can group them into collections for fast reference, such as “HR Forms,” “Sales Orders” and “Field Inspections.” With convenient expand-and-collapse controls for longer forms, you only have to view and complete the sections you need. Forms can be as simple or complex as you need them to be, with an almost limitless number of functions.

“Forms365 alleviates all human error, forgetfulness and reluctance to complete paperwork.”

Form Examples

  • Checklists
  • Inspection Forms
  • Sales Order Forms
  • Applications
  • Work Orders
  • Incident Forms
  • Personnel Forms
  • Leave Requests
  • Questionnaires
  • Stat Sheets
  • Shipping Forms

 Features & Functions

  • Attachments, File Uploads and Pictures
  • E-Signatures for Single or Multiple Sign-ons
  • Built-In Time and Date Stamp
  • Calendar Functions
  • Timers
  • Complex Calculators
  • Required-Field Controls
  • Type-ahead Completion of Fields
  • Auto-fill Fields from Data Capture Devices