Powerful Business Intelligence Platform

Insights365 is a robust business analytics and intelligence platform that puts the power to develop custom reports at the speed that your business demands, right at your fingertips. Insights365 not only enables you to build your own custom reports using data from any of your Comply365 solutions, but also allows you to incorporate data from other external sources. Insights365 will allow you to make sense of data quickly, reveal new insights and schedule automated distribution of the results directly to the people who can turn your insights into actions and results.

Build powerful, insightful reports.

Push Your Data to New Limits

Easily tap into the data from any Comply365 solution, layer on other data sources and then drill deep into the data. With the ability to overlay and display data from any source, using any type of visualization, Insights365 allows you to see the mounds of data, that are often trapped in parallel but separate systems in a whole new light and act on it faster and smarter. Insights365 transforms data nuggets into actionable insight that can give your department and enterprise a competitive edge.

Insights365 transforms data nuggets into  actionable insight that can give you a competitive edge.

Transform Your Business

Imagine the impact on efficiency if you could direct Insights365 to automatically send real-time, relevant reporting to every stakeholder – Operations, Maintenance, Dispatch or Training – on a regular, recurring schedule. Insights365 enables you to realize savings through insight into the cause or trending of risky or costly events such as medical diversions, allowing you to take action to curtail and prevent them. It allows you to see the leading causes of or spikes in expensive repairs, predict the repairs by manufacturer, and see trending in deliveries or even what’s causing reoccurring problems. Insights365 can help you quantify savings from operational efficiencies or identify revenue increases from improved customer experiences.

Features For a Competitive Edge

  • Tell your data story – create and share rich colorful charts and graphs to highlight relevant metrics
  • Build your own charts, graphs and reports with intuitive WYSIWYG features
  • Choose from a library of commonly used forms to get you off and running, right from the start
  • Combine and layer your Comply365 data with data from other systems, sources and solutions
  • See data faster – no additional cost or development time
  • Distribute reports with automatic updating and schedule by the minute, hour, week or month
  • Share real-time, relevant data and insights with dynamic updates to make faster, smarter decisions
  • Save reports and templates to a visual gallery
  • Identify trends, gaps and opportunities
  • Search reports or collections