IQP Learning Manager

Inflight: Take Your Training Up A Notch

Take your training program to the next level with Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) designed especially for Inflight. Training to proficiency ensures you have the best-trained crews taking care of your biggest assets – your passengers. Comply365’s IQP Learning Manager solution is based on the unique training needs for your InFlight AQP program. This flexible solution can fit your specific training objectives. With real-time reporting and electronic grade sheets, you can complete your AQP training anywhere and on any device. Evaluations can even be done on tablets. With fast and easy-to-use reporting, your management team can focus on creating a valuable training program instead of spending time creating reports.

Comply365 brings AQP designed especially for Inflight.

 Features & Benefits

  • Support your brand with customized look and feel
  • Single system login for all departments
  • Customize objectives (TPO, SPO, EO), tasks, scenarios, modules and lessons to fit your airline
  • Get up and running quickly – create or bulk load new or existing training tasks
  • Create custom lookup fields
  • Grade individuals or groups of Flight Attendants simultaneously to increase efficiency
  • FAA Data Extracts in mere moments
  •  Concurrent evaluations – Flight Attendants can be evaluated by more than one evaluator at a time
  • Include or exclude FAA Authority from evaluation data depending on the purpose of the evaluation
  • Customized Management Reporting for sharper insights
  • See performance trends with real-time and automatic rollups of evaluation data for evaluators and students
  • Reason Codes with free-text explanations
  • Access IQP training anytime, anywhere on any device with Wi-Fi or 4G – including tablets and smartphones
  • Link and sync IQP training data to operational systems like Crew Scheduling and Crew Qualifications
  • Perfect for cabin trainer scenarios, line checks and live-grading environments
  • Generate and submit FAA Data Extracts in mere moments
  • Fast, easy-to-read dashboard reporting that lets you drill down for specifics – down to the student and/or evaluation
  • Stay on track with a single system for training, risk management, compliance and audit
  • Works seamlessly with DCM and LMS to give evaluators one system to access all training and materials