LMS Learning Manager

Finally a Learning Management System
Designed for the Entire Enterprise

For years companies have had to adapt traditional learning management systems to fit their needs. It’s like putting a round peg into a square hole. Now Comply365 has simplified training for you. With cloud-based mobility, our easy-to-use LMS Learning Manager enables your entire business to do virtual, global training. Give your employees, and even your vendors, the ability to complete their training anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Comply365 simplifies training for you.

Grading Becomes Automatic

The LMS Learning Manager allows you to have unlimited users accessing the system at the same time. It automatically grades tests and lets students know immediately if they passed or failed. Consolidating systems saves money and makes it easy for everyone to know right where to go for their training. No more logins to multiple systems.

 Features & Benefits

  • Complete training on any PC or mobile device – iOS, Android or Windows
  • Leverage current training content and expertise – upload any file type including Flash, HTML5, SCORM, PowerPoint, and streaming videos
  • Create curriculum to meet your needs – optimize your companies’ training programs
  • Create, load, and grade tests in minutes for independent learning or classroom
  • Automatically link training data to operational systems – HR, Scheduling
  • Gives users one system to log in to and complete all their training
  • Great vendor training and tracking; simple tool to get vendors up and running fast
  • Automatic alerts – no more tedious follow up of employees or vendors
  • Custom control of distribution and end dates
  • Every department on one system – save money, maximize resources, enjoy system-wide line of sight
  • Dashboard reporting with panoramic and microscopic views – see training compliance across the company or drill down to an individual test or question
  • Spot trends quickly with instant test results and real-time reporting
  • Stay on track with a single system for training, risk management, compliance and audit
  • Practice tests and quizzes for knowledge review – test randomizer for automatic change
  • Create customizable surveys for fast feedback from individuals or groups
  • Optional self-enroll and reference courses
  • Build custom rosters – bulk load student rosters for quick and easy loading

Human Resources

  • Streamline and automate new hire training
  • Keep employees current, in compliance and engaged with on-going training such as, training for new policies and procedures
  • Coordinate and schedule required training such as drug, alcohol and sexual harassment

Sales & Marketing

  • Conduct sales kick-offs and product updates for your sales teams in any location
  • Keep channel partners current with new products, services and pricing training


  • Conduct initial and on-going training for lean initiatives
  • Keep users up-to-date with new policies, procedures
  • Perfect for training alignment across business units or affiliated companies
  • Keep employees current with forklift training, OSHA training, etc.


  • Streamline new vendor training; ensure compliance with policies and procedures, company culture, mission and key initiatives
  • Support vendor accountability with real-time views to vendor action on training content

Technical Support

  • Keep technicians and operators aligned with equipment operation, repair and maintenance
  • Stay current with channel and partner trainings on new products, services and programs

Customer Service

  • Ensure customer service departments are up-to-date with new policies, procedures, protocol and call scripts


  • Single solution reduces IT burden to support multiple training solutions
  • No additional hardware expenses with cloud solution
  • Users can upload any file type, reducing IT support time and costs
  • Easy integration to existing solutions
  • Deliver training content anywhere, on any device, with or without connectivity


  • Leverage content and knowledge across the organization
  • Link to other solutions for automated workflows – such as HR, payroll and SAP
  • One solution for the entire enterprise reduces costs
  • Expand revenue streams with private label, turn-key training solutions for clients
  • Real-time information gives insight to reduce risk, fines and audit costs


  • Support brand and culture with a common training platform that leverages content across the enterprise
  • Merger and integration activities are easier with a single, easy-to-use solution
  • Consolidate learning solutions into one platform that works for the entire company and external partners; simplify workflows and save money