Mobile Maintenance Manuals Right at Your Technicians’ Fingertips

The process required for a maintenance technician to find a simple answer from a manual is often a long and time-consuming one. Repeated many times a day, this inefficient process adds up in time, money and frustration. By putting rich, mobile content right in your technicians’ hands with mobile maintenance solutions, they can drastically accelerate their work output, freeing up a significant part of their day to complete more repairs, keeping your aircraft in service.

Rethink Maintenance Manuals

  • View content on any mobile device with our mobile-first solution
  • HTML files are small and quick to access
  • Minimal connectivity/bandwidth required
  • Technicians have access to all the rich data provided by OEMs
  • Retains personal highlights, annotations and bookmarks

With Comply365’s electronic mobile maintenance solution for manuals, a technician needing to reference a manual for a particular aircraft part no longer needs to make multiple trips from his work space to a computer to print out paper manuals. Instead, technicians can turn to their mobile devices for a quick digital search to access what they need right at their fingertips, without ever leaving their work spaces.

Content loads in a snap because the HTML files are small and quick to access. And even though the manuals contain pages by the thousands, they require minimal connectivity and bandwidth to access.

Comply365’s electronic maintenance manual solution doesn’t just provide a duplicate of a paper manual, but much more. We have completely transformed the complicated editing and publication process, allowing end users to access all the rich data provided by the OEMs anytime, anywhere. Technicians can access a wealth of valuable new details, providing them with a broader picture of their tasks at hand. Scribbled notes often jotted in the margins of paper printouts are now retained in the digital manual. And when a new revision is published, technicians’ personal annotations and bookmarks remain. The significant efficiencies, ease of use and wealth of rich new information provide a welcome transformation to a technician’s daily work.

If you’d like to put digital maintenance manuals in the hands of your technicians, we’d love to help. For more information or to schedule a demo, email or call +1 (800) 206-2004.