Peace of Mind for Tracking an Unaccompanied Minor

The unaccompanied minor horror stories might be rare, but when they make headlines, there’s no stopping them from going viral. From a child accidentally left on an empty plane to a young child who wanders off to the accidental mix-up of two unaccompanied minors, the reality of mistakes and miscommunications can be disastrous.

When an unaccompanied minor doesn’t make it safely to their destination as planned, the headlines aren’t just terrifying for parents, they risk damage to an airline’s brand and the aviation industry as a whole. It’s crucial to avoid such crisis situations, and continuous crew collaboration is at the heart of keeping each minor safely accounted for throughout their entire journey.

Peace of Mind from Beginning to end

  • Track a child’s journey, managing hand-offs quickly and easily with real-time workflows
  • Create an electronic footprint so all stakeholders know the child’s status at all times
  • Eliminate forms
  • Send a notification to the receiving crew to anticipate a hand-off

Using ProChat, Comply365’s instant professional chat tool, airline crews are able to efficiently track an unaccompanied minor from check-in through to their destination, managing the hand-offs quickly and easily with real-time workflows and an electronic form where a digital footprint can be captured, including the minor’s photo for easy identification.

A new ProChat conversation begins when a child arrives and the departing guardian completes an electronic form, creating a footprint that all stakeholders can reference to monitor the child’s status. Special requests or issues that arise throughout the flight are noted in the conversation. Crew members send notifications to the receiving crew to anticipate a hand-off, keeping everyone on schedule and the child safe.

Comply365’s solution not only handles the routine flights but also provides a great system for handling minors during irregular operations such as an unexpected diversion that interrupts the minor’s trip.

Paper forms are eliminated, but the data is captured and remains intact for complete reporting. Each child is tracked in real time, creating peace of mind not only for guardians but for the entire crew involved. Crew members feel empowered with real-time status updates on the unaccompanied minor’s whereabouts, and the continuous communication between airline employees provides better customer service, and in turn, helps reduce complaints and protects an airline’s brand through documented compliance. Keep minors safe, parents happy and avoid the headlines you never want going viral.

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