Three airlines – Trans States Airlines, GoJet Airlines and Compass Airlines – receive FAA authorization to use Comply365’s qualification solution, Qual365, to track crew training.

August 15, 2017

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Beloit, WI – The unparalleled flexibility of Comply365’s proven qualification solution, Qual365, is at the heart of the FAA’s recent authorization of Qual365 in the official Operations Specifications for tracking the training of flight crews at Trans States Airlines, GoJet Airlines and Compass Airlines.

“We are excited to be a part of this milestone authorization for these airlines,” Comply365 CEO and Co-Founder Kerry Frank said. “It has been terrific to help them fully leverage digital technologies and bring so much more efficiency to their operations. To gain FAA approval, it was imperative to skillfully migrate qualification data going back to the 1990s into Qual365, so it’s been great to partner with such forward-thinking clients throughout a rigorous approval process and see the immediate impacts to daily operations.”

Qual365 provides an automated way for airlines and other Comply365 clients to ensure ongoing compliance of their crews and support efficient operations. The cloud-based solution eliminates data re-entry, reduces potential data errors and ensures more accurate, timely information and regulatory reporting. Clients gain efficiencies in time and costs, improve operational performance and mitigate safety and regulatory risk. Airlines also avoid hefty fines and are able to provide better customer service by reducing flight delays and cancellations related to records errors in previous systems that could prohibit a crew from flying.

Qual365 is a powerful SaaS qualification solution that ensures crews are qualified to fly so operations can run smoothly and safely. Pilots and flight attendants must complete comprehensive initial and recurrent training, and Comply365 makes it easy to ensure compliance. For Trans States Airlines, GoJet Airlines and Compass Airlines, this means ensuring the compliance of over 3,000 pilots and flight attendants to federal and company standards.

The Comply365 solution tracks each crew members’ traditional and Advanced Qualification Program (AQP) training, evaluations, certifications and other qualifications needed to fly. In addition, administrators can easily add requirements, bases or even a new fleet type quickly, and Qual365 works seamlessly with Comply365’s training solutions, LMS Learning Manager and AQP/EBT Learning Manager.

“With our old paper-based process, keeping track of crew training and the necessary communication and coordination with HR, Scheduling and Dispatch often took days. With Qual365 this now takes minutes. This critical solution closes the loop for us, giving us an integrated, streamlined, efficient, end-to-end solution that ensures compliance and helps our daily operations run so much more smoothly,” explained Michael Reed, Manager of Technical Compliance at Trans States Airlines.

“The Comply365 team provided digital expertise as we reimagined our processes and worked to transition to a fully digital process. We can already see even more operational and compliance benefits from adding Comply365’s solutions to our operations,” Reed added.

Comply365 is proud to partner with Trans States Airlines, GoJet Airlines and Compass Airlines to fully leverage digital content and technologies to transform their workplace and deliver outstanding business results.

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