Instant, Secure Communication When it Matters Most

ProChat is an innovative new professional chat tool that combines the power of process, automation and action with the familiarity and immediacy of chat and instant communications to transform the way you work. It ensures clear and efficient coordination in situations when operational demands are high, outcomes are critical and conversations need to be secure. ProChat brings the right people together and lets all participants see the progression in real time. Through automatic escalations, ProChat involves senior management and the appropriate resources as needed or at predetermined times.

Communicate instantly in a secure environment.

Maximize Communication With Real-Time Workflows

ProChat sessions can be initiated and accessed from any web browser, mobile device or wearable, allowing you to leverage mobile technology and engage powerful enterprise back-end workflows and processes. A secure environment for critical situations boosts ProChat beyond standard chat programs, as well as real-time workflows, a new feature that allows participants to easily monitor the status and completion of tasks throughout a conversation. The instant collaboration can facilitate faster communication while maintaining an electronic record of events that can be de-identified for analysis and reporting.

ProChat combines the power of process, automation and action with the familiarity and immediacy of chat to transform the way you work.

Reduce Risk and Seize Opportunity

When unexpected circumstances arise in day-to-day operations, it is often difficult and time consuming to pull together the right team to solve a problem or capitalize on an opportunity. ProChat is the perfect tool in scenarios such as security or safety incidents, delays, equipment failures, maintenance requests, special projects, team collaboration, routine and irregular inflight events or dispatch operations. With ProChat, you can create and save chat templates that can be used to instantly connect an entire team focused around a particular situation–gaining the speed and agility that you need to quickly resolve an issue or collaborate around an opportunity.

 Features For a Competitive Edge

  • Interactive, real-time, secure conversations via the web, mobile devices or wearables
  • Active and spectator roles
  • Notifications to all participants that a chat requires their participation
  • Upload relevant pictures, PDFs, videos or forms
  • Mobile hands-free messaging with talk to text
  • Flexible tabbed interface lets participants manage multiple chats and organize chats by priority
  • Use real-time workflows to easily monitor the progress of tasks requiring completion during a chat
  • Full audit trail and reporting–archives all communications and attachments
  • No cap to the number of participants; invite new participants anytime during chat
  • De-identified analysis and reporting
  • Use with Insights365 to gain business analytics and highlight potential problems or opportunities
  • Tie into LMS Learning Manager for remote group training discussions