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Document & Communication Manager

Document & Communication Manager (DCM)Content & Compliance Simplified for Aviation Digital Transformation
Our digital content management platform and mobile app give users maximum convenience, corporate flexibility and control to ensure users across your organization have the latest information at their fingertips. Users have the freedom and convenience to access and act on content from any device, both in and out of connectivity. Automatic revision control ensures users have the most recent version as you instantly retract the old and simultaneously distribute the new content–documents, manuals, policies and procedures, in any file type–to the entire enterprise, a select group or a single user. The app syncs automatically in connectivity, giving you maximum productivity, real-time reporting and line of sight, making compliance easy.


Forms365Smart, Interactive Forms
Our smart digital forms bring a whole new level of productivity and automation to the mobile workforce. Easily build your own forms and quickly distribute them. From simple electronic forms and checklists for gathering data, to complex forms with built-in calculators, calendars and smart functions that do the work for you, Forms365 is a central piece of productivity and compliance. Now applications, inspections, evaluations and work orders can be completed on any device quickly, with immediate integration of data and follow-up actions launched from your form submission. With user-friendly features like colored fields, drop-down selections, e-signatures and attachments, users can capture data in real-time, both in and out of connectivity. Comply365’s mobile smart forms ensure paperless productivity continues anywhere.


Workflow365Productivity Across Your Ecosystem
Workflow365 is an incredibly flexible and powerful tool that automatically routes documents, forms, communications and tasks to individuals or departments for approvals, e-signatures and actions that increases efficiency through aviation digital transformation. It can include employees, vendors, contractors and regulators, ensuring consistency and bringing new levels of automation and visibility across the enterprise. Real-time project reporting provides line-ofsight visibility from start to finish while maintaining full audit trails. Workflow365 keeps projects on time and on task.

In-App Mail

In-App MailIntegrated Email for Your Entire Organization
Email is an integral part of communications. But in some companies, not everyone has a corporate email address, depending on their role. Comply365’s In-App Mail is the perfect solution. Easy to setup, with no IT support required, our fully integrated email solution connects your on-site and remote employees, contractors and vendors–any user you add to your Comply365 system.