Proven Safety Management System (SMS) for Airports

On any given day, any number of safety events can – and do – occur in an airport. How does an airport handle these events, gather the data, analyze it, report on it and learn from it? Today, more and more airports are choosing Comply365.

When a large flock of Canadian geese are reported near a runway at a suburban airport, the entire situation is handled within Comply365’s Safety Management System (SMS) Solution. The airport operations employee who spotted the flock takes a picture with his tablet, then begins a conversation using ProChat, where he uploads the photo to a template that automatically brings in the appropriate people for wildlife-related incidents. The airport services’ dog handler heads to the scene with the bird-chasing dog, Piper, while the tower reports the pilot of an incoming flight also saw the flock and is awaiting further direction.

Piper quickly clears the flock from the runway, allowing the flight to land. The operations employee completes the incident form on his tablet, and the report, along with the ProChat conversation, are captured for later review and risk assessment, are contained in a folder he starts for a risk assessment. The analysis determines a new food source is attracting the geese, so a photo and report are sent to the airport’s wildlife team to reduce the risk. After the corrective action is taken, several follow-up audits are configured in the system to ensure the geese don’t return. The completed report is easily submitted to the FAA as part of the airport’s proactive approach.

Imagine an End-to-End SMS Solution that Delivers:

  • Reduced Audit Times
  • Gap Identification and Trend Analysis
  • Optimizes Enterprise Operations
  • Delivers a Consistent Experience
  • Keeps You in Compliance
  • Provides Digital Quality Assurance Auditing
  • Shows Corrective Action and Progress Tracking
  • Details Performance Metric Analytics

Unfortunately, passenger and employee injuries, VPDs, Incursions, FOD and aircraft strikes happen all too often. When they do, investigations take place, information is gathered and paperwork is completed and submitted. But managing safety entails so much more. Safety is a culture and involves a proactive approach as well.  When more than one aircraft blows a tire on the tarmac, it’s important to find the root cause, which is critical to preventing future recurrences. Enterprise-wide auditing, risk mitigation and trend analysis are all core to having a quality safety management solution that reduces or eliminates events like this from happening. With Comply365’s solutions, we give you all the tools needed to mitigate risk and take corrective action.

When we say End-to-End, we mean End-to-End. A safety management system should have all the tools in one place and in an order that’s easy to understand–from safety policy, risk management to assurance and promotion. That’s how we built our SMS solution, so when your findings need further analysis and corrective actions, all the steps are completed within the program. The data automatically feeds into our report center, providing easy access to custom reports. We put the power in your hands with unparalleled flexibility through a report library that gathers all the data into one place, preventing errors caused by entering data multiple times.

With so much riding on the quality and safety of your operations every day, you need Comply365’s SMS solution to standardize and streamline the safety program across your enterprise.

We’d love to help you implement a Safety Management System or take your SMS to the next level. For more information or to schedule a demo, email or call +1 (800) 206-2004.