Provide a Better Customer Experience for Passengers with Disabilities

From frustration to fines, the result of a bad travel experience for a passenger with a disability can be costly in many ways. Passengers who have disabilities may face greater challenges navigating busy airports and maneuvering to their seats, for example. While every passenger deserves and expects a great customer experience from airline personnel assisting them safely and efficiently, our solutions can help you make that happen every time.

Efficiently Accommodate Requests

  • Track a passenger request from start to end
  • Create a record of assistance
  • Instantly accommodate a last-minute request
  • Confirm on the spot that a wheelchair will be available
  • Be confident handling passengers with disabilities every time
  • Provide the best service and avoid fines through documented compliance

Using Comply365’s instant professional chat tool, ProChat, a crew is enabled to do just that. The crew is instantly able to accommodate passengers with disabilities requiring assistance and even a last-minute request for a wheelchair. The request kicks off an electronic ProChat conversation that can reach out to those who need to make the necessary accommodations–the gate desk or the subcontractors or flight crew on their tablets as they manage boarding.

The real-time conversation allows a gate agent to confirm on the spot that a wheelchair will be available, and the workflow to accomplish the task is easy to follow with color-coded status notifications. Everyone remains in the loop as the request is fulfilled, instead of wondering if or when the wheelchair or required assistance will arrive.

The customer is happy when the wheelchair arrives in a timely manner, and the completed chat provides back-end reporting that eliminates paper documentation. Crew members can be confident handling passenger requests to provide the best service, and airlines avoid millions of dollars in fines through documented compliance.

Regulatory compliance is a way of life for airlines, and accommodating passengers with disabilities requires strict adherence to government directives (14CFR Part 382; (EC) No 1107/2006; Canada Transportation Act). Comply365’s solution supports compliance with many aspects of disability regulations, from providing timely assistance to submitting detailed government reports on time and with the required informative elements. Provide your crew members with the tools that give them confidence to accommodate all passengers, every time, to create a better customer experience and remain compliant.

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