Put Smart Forms to Work for You

https://comply365.com/solutions/mobility/forms365/Whether it’s a store opening, a flight set to take off or a truck headed cross-country, completing an inspection is a must. Paperwork has always been part of the job, but companies lose too much time waiting for the paper to get from the field to the office.

A truck driver must complete a Driver Vehicle Inspection Form before each trip. If he finds mechanical issues, he must write up a Maintenance Form. The completed paperwork, however, sits in his truck until he can get to a truck stop to fax the form to corporate.

Using our forms program, paper forms and checklists are transformed into smart electronic forms that can be completed on any device with an electronic signature, then recorded instantly into a back-end system that can launch emails and kick off workflows. From his cab, the driver is able to finish his maintenance form, give his e-signature and send it to the office where a workflow begins to fix his truck’s issue. The process helps identify problems sooner, reduces repairs, keeps equipment in good working order and gets goods from Point A to Point B safely while helping the driver feel safer about his equipment.

Managers in the office are able to flexibly mine through the data in all the smart form submissions, putting them in the driver’s seat to see the progress and completion of forms by individual drivers, by region or company-wide.


Comply365 is the leading provider of enterprise SaaS and mobile solutions for content management and document distribution in highly regulated industries including aviation, rail, and energy.  Comply365 supports the world’s most mobile and remote workforces with targeted and personalized delivery of job-critical data that enables safe, efficient, and compliant operations.  Every day, hundreds of thousands of pilots, flight attendants, maintenance technicians, rail conductors and engineers, and energy workers rely on Comply365 for digital delivery of operational (OEM and company) manuals.  Having played an instrumental role in the FAA’s approval of replacing the traditional, paper-based, pilot flight bags with electronic flight bags (EFBs), Comply365 partners with clients unlike other service providers to transform industries.