One Powerful Solution for Effortless Qualification Tracking

Comply365’s qualification tracking solution, Qual365, turns days of manual paperwork tracking, phone calling and follow-up into a fast, automated process that gives you time back to do what’s most important. Qual365 simplifies and accelerates the work you do.

With our cloud-based solution transforming a manual process of chasing papers and follow-ups into an instant, electronic process, you can focus your time on better crew management. Eliminating data re-entry, reducing potential data errors, and delivering more accurate information and regulatory reporting, gives you better control over your operating costs and can increase your bottom line. Qual365 saves time, reduces costs, improves operational performance and mitigates regulatory issues.

Reimagine your workflow with a fully digital process.

Combine Solutions for Even Greater Efficiency

Qual365 integrates seamlessly with our training and live scenario evaluation solutions, giving you instant training completion reporting. Qual365 also easily integrates with legacy or third-party systems as well. This synergy of automation gives you immediate, accurate visibility to new and existing crew members’ status in real-time, as well as saving time and money, reducing data errors and avoiding potential regulatory or financial implications.

EXAMPLE: With Comply365’s end-to-end training and qualification solutions working together, a new hire or existing crew member can complete their training on-site or remotely. When their training is complete, the data automatically syncs with Qual365. The information is entered one time, reducing potential errors. You receive an instant, real-time update so you know when your pilot or crew member is qualified to work.

“With our old paper-based process, keeping track of crew training and the necessary communication and coordination with HR, Scheduling and Dispatch often took days. With Qual365 this now takes minutes. This critical solution closes the loop for us, giving us an integrated, streamlined, efficient, end-to-end solution that ensures compliance and helps our daily operations run so much more smoothly.”

 Features & Benefits

  • Flexible solution that fits the way your system works, not the other way around
  • Fast and easy entry of employee information, roles and unique attributes
  • Simple entry and editing of regulatory requirements, company standards or anything your organization deems important to track
  • Flexible features allow you to define roles and positions such as Captain, Flight Attendant, Technician or inventory items, etc.
  • Instant upload of passports, licenses, certification documents or other important information related to an employee or position for complete electronic files
  • Automatically tracks information related to your employees’ qualifications – new hire and required training, recurrent training, documentation and experience
  • Built-in monitoring of the age of date-sensitive information related to an employee’s qualification
  • Automatically tracks any object or task that requires action at designated intervals – oil changes for a fleet of ground vehicles, gauge calibrations on fuel pumps and vehicle registration
  • Dashboard reporting for real-time visibility to qualification data by employee, by team or enterprise-wide
  • Secure solution with a built-in organizational structure, making it easy to manage users’ access and visibility to the information and reporting