Review the Right Information at the Job Site

Properly installing natural gas piping is a life or death situation. Look no further than a March 2014 explosion that destroyed two East Harlem buildings in New York City and killed eight people while injuring dozens of others. Federal investigators said that a defective pipe joint was partially responsible.

Contractors who install piping from multiple manufacturers must have the correct guidelines at their fingertips. Manufacturer A has its own set of manuals and guidelines while Manufacturer B has its similar but slightly different ways to fuse the pipe. A contractor in the field who switches between products must tailor their manuals to follow guidelines from each manufacturer to properly fuse the pipes.

Using Comply365’s document manager, contractors have the documents they need in the field on the mobile device they are accustomed to using. Proper pipe installations also must follow local zoning, which can change between a city limit and a suburb. Contractors have instant access to those regulations, but they’re able to customize their digital workspace to help them maintain their compliance.