Simplify Training & Optimize Schedules in Minutes

Tired of spending countless hours working and re-working schedules to plan the training agendas for your organization? Comply365 has a simple way to optimize your training calendars. Schedule365 makes scheduling a breeze. Saving money and frustration has never been easier.

Comply365 accelerates your scheduling.

Better Training Scheduling, Faster

With Schedule365, complex scheduling tasks are a snap. Coordinate times, locations, trainers and students with a click and drag. Color-coded views help you quickly see gaps, conflicts or opportunities so you can optimize your schedules. See employees due for training, then simply match the training schedule with the appropriate and available trainer and facility.

“Scheduling used to take us several weeks of each month. Now scheduling is done in minutes since we can do it right the first time.”

– Tammy, Training Scheduler

Maximize Efficiencies With Other Solutions

Use Schedule365 with other Comply365 solutions for even greater efficiency. Together, you can see the synergies add up. For example, certain events can trigger email notifications and workflows. When employees complete their training, a notice can be automatically sent to HR and their supervisor. Linking with a qualification system ensures that employees are scheduled for training in time, and they are in compliance with training policies. You can also use Schedule365 to help with smarter resource allocation and planning. Running “what if” scenarios are fast and easy with this color-coded tool.

 Features & Benefits

  • Arrange and re-arrange events with a drag and drop
  • Color-coded dashboard views for clear visibility
  • At-a-glance views let you see and address gaps quickly
  • Allocate multiple resources with a drag and drop
  • See employees coming due for training then match them with upcoming courses
  • Color codes for events and resources for fast decision making and alerts
  • Automatic crew notifications for training
  • Bulk notifications to students
  • Adjust and move events, trainers, time slots and students with a click and drag
  • Run “What if” scenarios for expedited and smarter resource planning
  • Real-time collaboration: No matter where in the world you are, the schedule appears in real time. Any changes made to the schedule by others will appear instantly without having to refresh your view
  • Simplify resource planning with easy, visual tools
  • Save hours of scheduling and re-scheduling
  • Eliminate scheduling errors and double-booking
  • Easily avert violations and policy conflicts
  • Day of Operations – make changes easily
  • Avoid cancellation fees, costly instructor or resource charges
  • Automated notifications eliminate tedious follow-up
  • Link and sync to qualification and other programs for even greater savings