Top Down Safety Management for the Entire Organization

Comply365 understands the crucial nature of safety when you’re transporting thousands of passengers or moving highly-regulated goods. We also understand how difficult it is to develop and maintain a safety program that can be used for all departments, including  vendors and contractors. Comply365 has a solution that will help you classify risks, analyze hazards and implement comprehensive and effective corrective action plans.

Comply365 makes your Safety Management Solution simple.

A Complete Safety Management Solution

Shield is a cloud-based solution that centralizes your Safety Management System processes and documents in one place, simplifies implementation, and helps you execute your safety protocols and procedures across your entire ecosystem. Our approach to Safety Management knocks down the silos between departments, so that safety reports from all areas of your organization are referenced against each other and processed as a single event to ensure resources and man-hours are not wasted on duplicated efforts. This ensures that corrective actions can be implemented by the appropriate department, that they are working properly and that all your employees are following the same protocol. Don’t get behind the power curve when it comes to managing your safety system. Let Comply365 show you how simple your Safety Management Solution can be.

Eliminate Overlap and Gaps

Shield was designed specifically to fill the gaps and cut away the overlap that exists in old Safety Management Systems. Shield simplifies safety management giving you peace of mind.

  • Risk classification
  • Risk analysis
  • Incident investigation
  • Automated notifications
  • Corrective action launch


  • Complete, turn-key Safety Management Solution
  • ASAP reporting linked with smart forms
  • Effective risk classification tool
  • Integrate with Dashboards365 for broader visibility and actionable insight
  • Automatically gather and collate reports to a single event
  • Gap analysis and FAA reporting
  • Eliminate gaps and duplication
  • Policy engine sorts safety and non-safety reports