Digital Briefing
Minutes Matter: Faster Turns With Digital Flight Release

Leave paper behind and instantly deliver flight releases directly into the hands of your flight crews. Comply365’s Digital Briefing solution is the fast, reliable solution you need to reduce operating costs by eliminating paper releases, capture compliance signatures electronically and release flights faster for more on-time departures.

Forget waiting at the gate to print flight briefings, sifting through pages of paper or scrolling through releases on small ACARS screens. Comply365’s Digital Briefing solution leaves the paper behind–delivering an electronic flight briefing in PDF format, along with any related documentation such as weather or international documents, directly to as many flight crew members as needed on their mobile devices, even prior to arriving at the gate.

  • Deliver an electronic flight release automatically to mobile devices
  • Replace long paper printouts with easily searchable PDFs
  • Capture digital release Acceptance and FAA-required Fit for Duty signatures*
  • Fast, reliable and requires no additional work for flight operations or crew

* In compliance with FAA AC No: 120-78A

  • Allow pilots to enhance releases using bookmarks, annotations and highlighting
  • Gives crews more time to review flight details before take-off

Fast, Reliable Solution

Captains accept releases through a digital signature, and pilots sign Fit for Duty right on their tablets, providing instant feedback to dispatchers and allowing for more on-time departures.

Comply365’s powerful API integration works behind the scenes to pull a flight plan from your existing flight planning system, pair it with the appropriate flight crew members and send the electronic flight release to the right people in a matter of seconds–all without any additional work from flight operations or crew members.

Digital Transformation That Boosts Your Bottom Line

  • Reduce delays when a flight release is updated for more on-time departures and arrivals
  • Enhance collaboration and safety by delivering releases to as many crew members as needed
  • Reduce briefing time by providing all crew members with a release as needed
  • Save paper and printing costs
  • Boost Acceptance and Fit for Duty compliance rates with electronic signatures (In compliance with FAA AC No: 120-78A)
  • Automate your flight release delivery with Comply365’s powerful API

Key Features:

  • Provide additional documents such as weather, charter packets or international documentation
  • Send every flight crew member a copy of the flight plan without any additional work or cost
  • Retain text enhancements such as bold, highlights and colored text from flight planning systems
  • Turn off “Fit for Duty” signature requirement for airlines not requiring such compliance
  • Confirm your location during Acceptance easily with auto-populated departure airport
  • Ability to reject release to back out of Acceptance if needed
  • Override existing flight release PDF automatically with an updated version so pilots view only the most current release
  • Save time by using flight planning data, paired with Comply365’s powerful API, to send dispatch releases to crews
  • Monitor signature compliance in real time with up-to-date reporting
  • Make viewing easy anytime with night mode