Work Smarter

Walking project files around the plant, waiting for inter-office mail to deliver the file you need, digging through stacks of project files — these manual, paper processes are slow and drain time from your day. With Comply365’s cloud-based solution for workflow automation, including document workflow automation, you save time, save money and can relax knowing that your processes will move forward automatically, without constant worry or oversight.

Accelerate slow, manual processes.

Workflow365 is a flexible and powerful solution to accelerate slow, manual, paper processes into a fast, efficient and automated system. Workflow365 helps you quickly create tasks and templates so work processes go to the right person, at the right time, every time. With Workflow365, you can build tasks and templates in minutes for simple, everyday tasks, or build contingent and concurrent workflows for complex projects. Then with automated routing and tracking of your project’s status and completion, you can focus on what’s important rather than checking up on the project’s status.

“Workflow365 ensures my team has the projects they need each day right at their fingertips. Now, I have more time to focus on key objectives.”

Stay on Track
from Start to Finish

Workflow365 can be used for repeated, everyday tasks such as invoice routing and approvals, new employee onboarding, or managing airline manual revisions through document workflow automation. Workflows can also be set in place for unique projects to assure quick and clear communications, and consistent and effective responses. Launching, distributing, and tracking projects is easier with Workflow365. With consistent task allocation, your team can focus on what they need to do at just the right point in the process. Automated notifications and email reminders keep participants informed to what tasks they need to complete – without needing to log in.

 Features & Benefits

  • Fast – Set up simple or complex workflows in minutes
  • Intuitive – Easy template creation for one-time or repeated processes
  • Easy changes – Easy template controls and options because things change
  • Flexible – Tasks can be preconfigured to “pick and choose”
  • User-friendly features – Project-by-project and task-by-task drop-down selection of recipients to route
    whole projects, or individual tasks, to anyone
  • Small projects or large – Individual tasks or entire projects can be dependent on other tasks or projects
    for limitless workflow routing
  • Attachments – Users can upload documents, pictures, or video files to the project
  • Fast changes – Quickly and easily reassign projects or tasks when a participant takes leave so workflows  never stop
  • Powerful – Assign a task to multiple users and the system tracks its completion, automatically advancing to the next step
  • E-signatures – Single or multiple e-signatures for approvals, contracts, and orders
  • Automated – System routing and reporting eliminates slow or lost pieces of your project
  • Sorting – Prioritize projects high, medium, or low to help the team know which to tackle first
  • Reporting – Panoramic reporting to see all your projects at once; drill-down reporting to see the status of each project, as well as details of each step
  • Auditing – System tracks progress, completion and compliance along the way
  • Peace of mind – Know tasks and projects are done consistently, meeting regulatory requirements and
    company standards
  • Accelerate productivity with simple, efficient processes
  • Reduce risk and potential fines with repeatable, trackable steps in your workflows
  • Keep your team in the know with the information they need, when they need it
  • Cut the clutter and noise so your teams stay on-track and on-time
  • Reduce time wasted on tracking and follow-up
  • Enjoy dashboard reporting with quick summaries and the detailed insights you need