Driving the Next Wave of Digital Transformation

Comply365 specializes in developing disruptive mobile solutions that transform the complex and outdated processes that often plague businesses in highly-regulated industries. We made our name with our Electronic Flight Bag (EFB) solution, but we didn’t stop there.

We’ve replicated that success over years of innovative software development and collaboration with our clients to create disruptive solutions that solve complex problems, delivering tangible cost savings and dramatic productivity gains.

Revolutionizing Operations

Our secure, cloud-based solutions work in mission-critical departments across your entire business, focusing on Authoring, Mobility and Training Solutions. We’ve revolutionized operations across entire organizations, and we’re leading the next wave of digital disruption by transforming how businesses author, revise and distribute publications.


Comply365’s Authoring Solution, featuring ProAuthor, is the aviation industry’s first and only XML-based authoring solution for technical publications that provides airlines with a single solution for authoring, revising and distributing publications, including OEM and company manuals, across multiple departments, entirely on their own.



Comply365’s Mobility Solutions have all the tools needed to easily create, manage and distribute content, track compliance and projects, create smart forms and analyze real-time data, giving end users the ability to search and filter critical information faster and personalize content with annotations, bookmarks and favorites.



Comply365’s powerful and easy-to-use adaptive Training Solution streamlines training across the entire enterprise. The learning management system allows you to distribute your training to employees’ mobile devices, then stay up-to-date on their training by tracking progress and analyzing results.


Solutions in Action

Electronic Flight Bag

Flight crews across the globe count on Comply365’s proven EFB solution to access mission-critical information throughout each phase of flight. Our reliable mobile solution is always up-to-date and accessible and provides flight crews all the manuals, memos, bulletins and other key info in a fully customizable and searchable interface.


Digital Briefing

Comply365’s Digital Briefing helps turn planes faster for more on-time departures by delivering a digital flight release, along with related documentation, directly to flight crew members’ mobile devices. This fast, reliable solution provides instant feedback to dispatchers when the flight crew accepts a release and signs Fit for Duty.


Mobile Manuals

Comply365’s mobile manual solutions boost your workers’ productivity by delivering any type of manual or other important document, no matter how large or complex, directly to any mobile device or stationary workstation using a streamlined workflow process with automatic revision control and compliance tracking.


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We get it: Authoring is just plain difficult - but the way you use the content you already have can make it faster and easier. Take this 7-question quiz to find out whether your airline’s use of content is enabling the most efficiency possible and how you’re doing compared to other airlines. Your results will also include actionable ways to maximize authoring efficiency that impact the entire operation. Have fun, and comment here if you’d like to talk about your results! hubs.ly/H0mDzKW0 ...

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What a fun week of team building, learning and collaborating about how we can best serve our clients in the year ahead! Our annual Strategy Week brings our entire team from across the country together to share our energy, passion and plans to continually transform aviation, and of course, have a little fun, too! #murdermysterydinner #balloonicebreaker ...

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