The Undeniable Case For Digital Transformation in the Rail Industry

Why Paperless Content Is The Next Railroad Evolution

For almost 200 years the rail industry has continually evolved to address changing trends and challenges. And now, technology for content authoring and data delivery are playing a pivotal role in shedding paper-based programs and moving toward a digital railway. Comply365 is partnering with railroads in this digital transformation, and our experience leading document digitization in the airline industry is enabling railroads to digitize and mobilize what matters.

Creating Your Business Case

The Comply365 content management and distribution platform decreases costs, increases operational efficiency, and improves safety and compliance. Solve core challenges and transform into a digital railway through our integrated and full-service approach to content and compliance management:

Are you missing opportunities to maximize safety and compliance?

Improve Safety and Compliance Across Your Organization

With targeted and personalized content delivery, conductors and engineers can manage safety with confidence regardless of the situation. Integrated compliance tracking provides visibility and accountability across your organization. Instead of recording verbal acknowledgements, customizable notifications for employee acknowledgement and sign-off make compliance reporting more efficient.

Are the limitations of paper operating manuals impacting employee effectiveness?

Deliver Targeted and Personalized Content 

When digital operating manuals are designed with the end user in mind, each employee sees more of what they need – and less of what they don’t. Available technology such as XML can power comprehensive content authoring and management that can target content to the user as well as to the situation at hand. Through personalized and relevant content, employees perform at their best.

Is it hard for your remote workforce to obtain operations manuals and rulebook updates?

Increase Reliability of Content Delivery 

Mobile delivery only helps if it’s reliable. Having to download an entire operating manual just for one or two updated operating rules leads to more failed downloads over weak cellular networks at the edge of their coverage – but central in your rail network. With the ability to target distribution to only the updated pieces, smaller file sizes mean your remote workforce can count on getting the latest information to perform their jobs.

Are the costs of paper-based programs adding up?

Eliminate Content Printing and Distribution Costs 

Digital content eliminates the dollar and time costs of paper manuals. Otherwise, your organization spends money printing operating manual updates, bulletins, and notices. And staff spends time driving to a depot to print and then provide these hard copies to a conductor or engineer.


Comply365’s end-to-end approach increases control over your manual revisions through digital content management as well as integrated and collaborative execution from content authoring to delivery.

Solutions in Action

Leading the Way: Digital Document Transformation

See why the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s commuter rail system became the first U.S. commuter network to introduce digital document delivery with Comply365’s platform. Read about the success their frontline crews are having by receiving the most up-to-date information at their fingertips, anytime, anywhere.

On-Demand Rail Webinar

Keolis Commuter Services, operating partner for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s (MBTA) Commuter Rail network, tells the story behind why they’re replacing paper with mobile document distribution, and how they’ll be able to easily verify that front-line employees have read and understood rule and operating procedure updates.

Ready To Bring These Innovations To Your Railroad?

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