Thank You for Making This Year's Conference Another Success!

Thank You 2021 Virtual Connections365 Attendees

Our #Comply365Community came together Oct. 19-20th for our 2021 virtual conference to hear stories of our customers’ successes as well as share inspiring innovations. We thank you for joining us as we continue our focus on this year’s conference theme of…

Connections365 2021 Theme

What is Connections365?

Connections365 is an exclusive event that fuels passion and innovation across the global Comply365 community to learn, get inspired and drive transformation. Our annual conference brings Comply365 customers and industry professionals from around the world together with stories of success and innovation taken straight from the corporate halls of large enterprises to the mobile end users in the field.


This year, our customers heard from Comply365 customers as they shared the latest use cases and value they are realizing through our solutions as well as the partnerships that have grown to further progress our solutions.

The conference was also an opportunity to share the exciting new things on the horizon for Comply365, as our executives shared our vision going forward along with product investments you can look forward to in the coming year.

Based on our attendee feedback, customers are excited about the innovative ideas they gathered from the Comply365 community that they’ll take back to inspire transformation across their businesses.


At our 2020 conference, we focused on partnerships — whether it’s your customer insights that drive our product development, the value you’re realizing through our solutions or the expanded opportunities available through our strategic partnerships with other organizations. The 2020 agenda highlighted our commitment to partnerships and everything that it means for us and our customers. While that certainly includes opening doors into learning and resources for your success, it goes far beyond that. A partnership with us also means having close collaboration and conversations that move us all closer to our goals through technology and innovation. In short, it means #SolvingTogether.

With that in mind, attendees heard from a variety of customers who have done just that and are seeing results. We believe Connections365 is an integral event for cultivating the most productive and rewarding relationships possible with our customers. We invite you to join us in our continued journey toward #SolvingTogether.

Conference Highlights

The 2019 conference was all about a time to #dreamBIG. Held in Chicago, attendees gained new insights to become the foundation for simplifying compliance management and increasing the value of operational content across their organizations.

A Look Back at Connections365
A Look Back

Take a look at the insights, fun and connections made at the 2019 conference in our photo gallery. View our photo gallery from the 2018 Connections365, held near our headquarters in Beloit, WI.