Enable the Frontline to Deliver Data to Operations

Whether it’s routine data or critical facts about a situation, frontline employees often have information they need to send to the back office while carrying out their jobs. Without a way for them to record information quickly, they have to recall details later, and the back office waits to receive them. And even when information is communicated, it’s not always easily actionable.

The ideal solution enables efficient, standardized communication in real-time as well as automated processes. Productivity is enhanced for the frontline, and the back office can easily analyze information and make data-driven decisions to handle a situation or enhance the operation.

Collect Data to Streamline Processes & Strengthen Decision-Making

Increase productivity with real-time communication.

Complete forms in or out of connectivity.

Fully customize form fields and layout.

Standardize information gathering.

Derive insights for data-driven decisions.

Launch automated workflows with form submissions (with API).

Improve operational performance and productivity.

Maximize Operational Performance with Real-Time Communication

Build & Customize Forms for Any Purpose
  • Intuitive form builder for creating forms in-house
  • Customizable fields including fill-in-the-blank, drop-down lists, radio buttons, diagrams, required field controls, electronic signatures, and more
  • Attachments, file uploads, and pictures
  • Built-in time and date stamp
  • Type ahead completion of fields
Form Examples
  • Checklists

  • Inspection Forms

  • Sales Orders

  • Applications

  • Work Orders

  • Incident Reports

  • HR/Personnel Forms

  • Leave Requests

  • Operating Experience (OE)

  • Questionnaires

  • Stat Sheets

  • Shipping Forms

Increase Frontline Operator Productivity
  • Increase efficiency by completing forms even when out of connectivity
  • Automatic syncing in connectivity instantly sends data to operations
  • Group forms into collections for quick reference
Collect data in real time with Forms365
Empower the Back Office with Actionable Data
  • Enable quick action based on real-time communication from the frontline
  • Standardize information collection to analyze for insights that enhance operations (ex: efficiency, safety)
  • Assign forms to individuals or groups of users

Supercharge Efficiency with Workflow365

Integrate Forms365 with Workflow365 to keep work moving forward without manual intervention.

  • Set up a form submission to launch an automated workflow, which notifies stakeholders when to take action in a process
  • Customize workflows for simple or complex processes and projects
  • Improve line-of-sight with reporting on individual workflow progress
  • Improve operational performance with aggregated data

Amplify the Power of Information at Your Airline or Railroad

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