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Personalized & Targeted Remote Training

Training programs that depend on paper or even digital platforms that don’t work well on mobile decrease efficiency for administrators and students alike. Whether you need to deliver training to frontline staff, vendors, or other groups in your organization, learning outcomes and compliance can also be negatively impacted when training can only be completed in a specific time or place.

Ideally, delivering training content is efficient for administrators and is flexible for students to complete. With a cloud-based approach to training, students can learn anytime, anywhere at their own convenience and receive instant feedback. The data is instantly updated, providing the organization a clear view of learning outcomes and compliance for individuals and the entire operation.

Enable Training Anytime, Anywhere

Remote Learning
Remote Learning

Deliver targeted remote learning content students can complete on their schedule.

Increase Efficiency
Increase Efficiency

Increase efficiency by eliminating manual follow-up reminders.

Instant Grading
Instant Grading

Students instantly see test grades; grades automatically recorded.

Strategic Reporting
Strategic Reporting

Reporting provides analytics to help determine gaps in the training program.

Increase Training Efficiency for Students and Administrators

Efficiently Design Effective Training
  • Bulk load student rosters
  • Upload current training content in multiple file types
  • Create tests in minutes
  • View automated grading that instantly shows score to students and records results
  • Complete practice tests and quizzes for knowledge review
  • Provide different questions for each test-taker with test randomizer
  • Create customizable surveys for feedback
Deliver Personalized & Targeted Training
  • Complete training on any desktop or mobile device – iOS, Android or Windows
  • Streamline all training in one system
  • Eliminate manual follow-up reminders with automatic alerts
  • Distribute training content to specific groups of students
  • Choose optional self-enroll and reference courses
Easily Manage and Prove Compliance
  • Integrate with operational systems for shared data (e.g., HR, scheduling)
  • Set course deadlines
  • Analyze dashboard reporting with panoramic and individual views of training compliance; drill down to an individual test or question
  • Find trends with instant test results and real-time reporting

Efficiently Update Skills
Across Your Operation

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