Improve Efficiency, Safety, and Compliance with End-to-End Operational Content

Airline and railroad operations are currently using disparate systems and manual processes to author their operational content, and are delivering the operational content to frontline staff in paper or PDF format. These legacy and complex operational content management practices result in an inefficient and high-cost operational environment. Frontline staff is left to search for the right information required to operate safely and in compliance with the regulations.

The ideal solution simplifies and automates operational content management with one system that unifies the entire process. That ideal solution also delivers operational content to frontline staff as data (in a non-PDF format), which allows the operational content to be targeted to the operational environment of the frontline staff. Consequently, the industry is realizing that the purpose of operational content management isn’t just safety and compliance. Instead, safety and compliance are becoming an opportunity to increase operational performance.

Companies using ProAuthor are seeing efficiency gains in the range of 50%-80% through the modernization and simplification of their operational content management system and processes.

Authoring Made Easy

Faster revisions
Faster revisions

Enable faster, more routine document revisions.

Improve Processes
Improve Processes

Increase accuracy and reduce risk.

Audit Ready
Audit Ready

Enable your operation to always be audit ready.

Relevant Content
Relevant Content

Equip frontline users with personalized and relevant content.

New Compliance Management Approach Creates Strategic Value

Simplify and Automate to Streamline Revisions
  • Supports multiple OEMs and company manuals
  • XML schema controls document structure & writing standards
  • Intuitive editor that doesn’t require XML knowledge for Subject Matter Expert edits and author revisions
  • Enables efficient updates without replacing entire manual(s) while retaining personal bookmarks and highlights
  • Enables cross-linking of content
  • Drives efficiency & collaboration with automated workflows
Distribute Personalized and Relevant Content
  • Company-defined tags for content that’s quick and easy to search, enhancing frontline employee safety and efficiency
  • Effectivity tagging enables filtering and searching based on aircraft, parts, or tags with company-specific terms (not just words in content) for personalized content and deeper relevancy
  • Reduces training for frontline staff to navigate manuals and operational data
  • Delivers mobile data efficiently to the world’s most mobile workforce
Always be Audit Ready
  • All standards catalogs included
  • Tracing of changes and updates of company and industry standards
  • Automatically tracks changes to demonstrate compliance
  • Automated monitoring for new and updated standards
  • Instantly generate reports for regulators

Lead the Future of Operational Content Management at Your Operation

Start Delivering Personalized & Targeted Content