Simplify & Automate Qualification Tracking

Ensuring the accuracy and timeliness of tracking frontline employee qualifications is vital for compliance. Paper programs or disconnected digital systems require manual work to keep the data accurate, which introduces risk and slows down updates.

The ideal solution enables organizations to collect qualification data, update it as needed, and sync it with other systems without any human intervention. With this automated approach, data is updated quickly and discrepancies between systems are eliminated. You can always know with confidence whether frontline staff
are qualified to work.

Easily Prove that Frontline Staff are Qualified to Work

Maintain accurate qualification data without manual work.

Reduce risk of errors by minimizing data entry.

Increase efficiency by automatically sending records from any other system.

Prove qualifications to regulators with built-in reporting.

Maximize accuracy and efficiency with automation

Keep Data Updated Without Manual Effort
  • Fast and easy entry of employee information, roles and unique attributes
  • Simple entry and editing of regulatory requirements and company standards
  • Define roles and positions such as Captain, Purser, Technician or Engineer
  • Instant upload of passports, licenses, certificates or any other documents that need to be preserved
Know When to Take Action to Maintain Qualifications
  • Automated tracking of relevant data
  • Built-in monitoring of the age of date-sensitive information
  • Automated tracking of any object or task that requires action at designated intervals (e.g., recurrent training)
Increase Efficiency and Prove Compliance
  • Integrate with operational systems for efficient sharing of accurate data (e.g., HR, scheduling)
  • Dashboard reporting into real-time data to manage qualifications or prove compliance to a regulator

Ensure Frontline Staff Are Always Qualified to Work

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