Always be Audit Ready

Standards audit preparation is time and resource-consuming for the entire operation. Employees across departments spend thousands of hours digging through the manuals, tracing standards in a spreadsheet or document, which is eventually handed over to auditors.

During this process, revisions are still ongoing, meaning those spreadsheets or documents might be out of sync. Airlines also have to find time to monitor new and updated standards or regulations that they have to adhere to. And if your organization has outsourced audit preparation, that work is expensive.

Ideally, audit preparation is done on an ongoing basis as part of the authoring process. With multiple standards catalogues in one platform, standards are traced directly to content within the manual. Even when the content is revised, the traces remain intact. When it’s time for an audit, simply run a report to show to regulators.

Subscribe to Monitoring for New and Updated Standards

When a new or revised standard or regulation is published, organizations can be notified directly in ProAuthor (as an additional service) and see the differences, enabling them to update standards traces as necessary.

Tagging Standards

Hundreds of catalogues are available, including:

  • IOSA


  • FRA

  • FAA

  • EASA

Streamline and Simplify Audit Preparation

  • Eliminate months of audit preparation
  • Trace standards directly to content during authoring
  • Traces remain even when content is revised
  • Standards monitoring as a subscription service
  • Owners alerted to content changes affecting compliance
  • Run reports for regulators showing traces

Eliminate Months of Audit Preparation

Unified Location of Standards

  • Multiple standards of catalogues housed in one platform
  • Monitoring for new and updated standards (as an additional service)
  • Incorporate your company standards for internal tracing and management

An Intuitive User Experience

  • Trace one or multiple standards directly to a section of content
  • Quickly compare content to a database, checklist, or standard and instantly view other affected content
  • Owners receive automated alerts that a pending change may affect the given policy, procedure, or guideline

Easily Provide Regulators with the Right Information

Run reports showing all traces to standards in a manual or all locations across multiple manuals where a standard is traced.

Increase Organizational Efficiency with a New Audit Approach