Authoring & Distribution of Situation-Specific Content in One Document Control Software System for Aviation

Comply365’s Authoring Solution, featuring ProAuthor, is leading the next wave of digital transformation with an XML-based authoring solution for technical publications that provides businesses with one document control software system that can be used across all departments for authoring, revising and distributing publications in multiple formats, entirely on their own.

The Comply365 Authoring Solution allows you to author and revise rich XML content – without the steep XML learning curve or the help of an external service provider – and distribute OEM (including mixed fleet types) and company manuals in a single solution that can be used by all departments. We simplify and streamline complex authoring, revision and distribution processes by incorporating automated workflows and standards tracing, targeted distribution to mobile users and end-user compliance tracking, all in a single solution.


ProAuthor provides a single, consolidated authoring solution for OEM and company manuals, using a familiar, easy-to-use editor with structural controls and the ability to reuse data. ProAuthor simplifies the complex processes and disparate systems that airlines currently struggle with, while providing end users with smart data.

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Document & Communication Manager (DCM)

Our full-featured document control software delivers any type of content to users on any mobile iOS, Android or Windows device or desktop computer. Role-based distribution provides the content that users need to do their jobs while ensuring complete revision control and tracking compliance.



Workflow365 accelerates slow, manual processes into a fast, efficient and automated system that helps cross-functional teams work collaboratively. Add easy visibility to a project’s status with our cloud-based system, which allows you to build tasks and templates in minutes for simple, routine actions, or build contingent and concurrent workflows for complex projects.



Standards365 helps you maintain consistent content across multiple departments and align your content with regulatory or internal standards. We make it easy to update a policy, procedure or guideline and instantly compare your revised content against an IOSA, FARs, OSHA  or other standard.