Author Manuals

Author Smart Content with Integrated Document Control Software for Aviation Manuals

ProAuthor increases efficiency, safety, and compliance with one platform for authoring and delivering content

Airlines everywhere are experiencing manual and complex operational content management practices. The common solutions for handling manual revisions have been outsourcing or hiring employees with XML knowledge. For many operations, authoring and updating content with these methods has burdened the operation, driving increased costs and dragging down efficiency.

Separate platforms for OEM and company manuals, along with XML content that only certain authors or outside companies can edit, lead to cumbersome revision processes and duplicated content.

Audit preparation requires high-level employees to spend months preparing, on top of their normal jobs.

Content is slow and difficult for the frontline to find in bulky PDF documents during situations when moments matter.

Driving Value with Smart Content

Comply365’s technology-based approach is transforming the way airlines manage their content, enabling them to handle revisions in-house without the need for XML expertise or outside help. Ultimately, it’s enabling them to deliver smart content that’s easier to find and action than static PDF content.

The ideal solution simplifies and automates content management with one platform that unifies the entire process and makes it easy for anyone to edit content. Consequently, the industry is realizing that the purpose of aviation document control software isn’t just compliance.

Instead, airlines are joining our vision to view compliance as an opportunity to increase operational performance through:

Reduced costs by eliminating disparate systems.

Faster, more routine revisions.

Increased accuracy, consistency, and reduced risk.

Enabling airlines to always be audit-ready.

Smart content targeted to individual frontline operators.

Multiple departments across airlines are adopting this approach, including flight, cabin, ground, and technical operations.

Streamline Common Manual Authoring Scenarios

Major Revisions
Major Revisions

Instead of passing paper copies or PDFs of revised content to SMEs for edits and following up on the edits by email, the SME receives an automated notification that a revision is ready for review. The SME makes their edits directly in the content with the common editor that auto-generates XML. Eliminating the need for the author to follow up and input the SME's edits streamlines revisions and increases accuracy.

Onboarding New Aircraft
Onboarding New Aircraft

Instead of writing all new manuals over several months, a technical writer uses ProAuthor to pull existing content together by effectivities (e.g., OEM, aircraft model, engine type), creating new manuals in minutes.

Updating Content that Appears in Multiple Manuals
Updating Content that Appears in Multiple Manuals

A company policy has been updated, and it must be included in multiple manuals. Instead of rewriting the policy in different manuals in different systems, an author makes the policy a piece of reusable content. It's inserted into the new manuals in a few clicks, streamlining the revision and ensuring consistency across manuals.

Create Strategic Value with End-to-End Airline Content Management

Simplify and Automate to Streamline Revisions

  • Supports multiple OEMs and company manuals
  • XML schema controls document structure & writing standards
  • Intuitive editor that doesn’t require XML knowledge for SME edits and author revisions
  • Enables efficient updates without replacing entire manual(s) while retaining personal bookmarks and highlights
  • Enables cross-linking of content
  • Drives efficiency & collaboration with automated workflows

Always be Audit Ready

  • Includes multiple standards catalogues such as IOSA, EASA, FAA, DOD, and more
  • Tracing of changes and updates of company and industry standards
  • Automatically tracks changes to demonstrate compliance
  • Increase efficiency and reduce errors by subscribing to monitoring for new and updated standards
  • Instantly generate reports for regulators

Distribute Personalized and Relevant Content

  • Company-defined tags for content that’s quick and easy to search, enhancing frontline operator safety and efficiency
  • Effectivity tagging enables filtering and searching based on aircraft, parts, or tags with airline-specific terms (not just words in content) for personalized content and deeper relevancy
  • Reduces training for frontline operators to navigate manuals and operational data
  • Delivers mobile data efficiently to the world’s most mobile workforce