Author Manuals

Optimize Operational Practices with Simplified Editing of Electronic Operating Manuals

ProAuthor increases efficiency, safety, and compliance with one end-to-end platform for editing and delivering electronic rules

While distributing electronic operating manuals, bulletins, rule books, and more to employees on the track is a top priority, the way those documents are created and edited affects operational practices.

Common document management challenges affect efficiency, safety, and compliance across the operation:

Separate teams and geographies write and edit the same content in different systems, leading to inefficiency in the editing process and inconsistency across documents.

Preparing for audits of rule books and other documents is time-consuming.

Bulky PDF documents cause failed downloads in poor connectivity.

Driving Value with Smart Content

The ideal solution goes beyond converting paper documents to digital. Instead, it simplifies and automates editing and distribution of all rail documents in one platform that unifies the entire process. Rail organizations taking this approach are seeing:

Eliminated printing and distribution costs of paper.

Faster, more routine revisions and bulletins.

Increased content accuracy, consistency, and reduced risk.

Reliable delivery of personalized and relevant content in poor connectivity.

Improved safety and compliance across the organization.

Increase Content Consistency & Editing Efficiency Through Common Editing Scenarios

Ongoing Revisions
Ongoing Revisions

Instead of passing paper copies or PDFs of revised content to internal approvers and following up on edits by email, the approver receives an automated notification that a revision is ready for review. They make their edits and comments directly in the content with the common editor. Eliminating the need for the author to follow up and input changes streamlines edits and increases accuracy.

Updating Content that Appears in Multiple Rule Books and Operating Manuals
Updating Content that Appears in Multiple Rule Books and Operating Manuals

A company policy has been updated, and it must be included in multiple documents. Instead of different teams rewriting the policy in each document in disconnected systems, an author makes the policy a piece of reusable content. It's inserted into each document in a few clicks, eliminating duplicate effort and ensuring consistency across the company's content.

Establishing a Single Source of Truth
Establishing a Single Source of Truth

An author needs to edit an operating manual, but doesn't know which version is the latest. In ProAuthor, they easily see which version of the operating manual is currently available to crews and know exactly which document to edit. With a single source of truth for each document, authors don't waste time searching for the latest document or making edits to out-of-date documents.

ProAuthor Creates Strategic Value with End-to-End Content Management

Simplify and Automate to Streamline Revisions & Reduce Costs

  • Built-in structure controls document format and writing standards
  • Intuitive editor that doesn’t require specialized knowledge for Subject Matter Expert edits and author revisions
  • Enables cross-linking of content (Ex: Special Instructions or General Orders cross-linked to corresponding rule)
  • Reuse content across multiple rule books and other documents
  • Link regulations to satisfying content (i.e. show compliance with Title 49 CFR)
  • Drives efficiency and collaboration with automated workflows
  • Eliminates content printing and distribution costs

Improve Efficiency of Employee Compliance to Content Updates

  • Customizable notifications for employee acknowledgement and sign-off
  • Ability to comply from within an operating manual or rule book
  • Automatically tracks content changes and employee group compliance
  • Instantly generates customizable compliance reporting
  • View compliance status by group, manager, and more for insights to improve compliance

Reliably Deliver Personalized & Relevant Content

  • Role-based distribution of content to ensure employees see more of what they need and less of what they don’t
  • Only distribute updated content for reliable downloads in remote areas with weak signals
  • Retain personal bookmarks and highlights across revisions
  • Easy filtering and searching of content for quick employee reference
  • Reduces training for employees to navigate rulebooks