Collect Data

Collect Actionable Frontline Data, Drive Efficiency with Insights

Receive real-time, actionable information from conductors and engineers for informed decisions and streamlined processes

Innovative railroads are turning to data to optimize their operations, and they’re doing it with a paperless approach. Conductors and engineers are some of the most valuable sources of data, but in a paperless workplace, scraps of paper and clipboards of forms create inefficiencies. Your frontline employees have data that informs situation-specific decisions or large-scale analysis to guide the enterprise. The sooner data is received, the more relevant it is, making real-time collection critical. Relying on paper creates inefficient, manual processes with room for error. Taking a truly paperless approach using electronic forms fulfills these requirements while also providing opportunities to automate processes.

Electronic forms increase efficiency and effectiveness across the railroad
  • Data is collected in real-time in or out of connectivity
  • Self-service approach enables easy creation and customization of forms on short notice
  • Forms are quickly and easily deployed to frontline employees
  • Frontline employees easily record data while on the job to minimize overtime
  • Multiple systems are replaced with one data collection point
  • Easily download reports
  • Data collection is standardized for analysis that supports decision-making
  • Data can be exported for use in other systems to automate processes (with API)
  • Data submissions can trigger automated workflows
  • Automated workflows inform each person in a process when they need to take action, reducing manual follow-up and providing insights into project status and process optimization opportunities

Easily Collect and Use Data from Conductors and Engineers with Electronic Forms

Rail Organizations

Conductors and engineers can:

  • File an unusual incident report, triggering a workflow that notifies a supervisors to review the incident and take appropriate next steps
  • Submit a job safety briefing
  • Suggest a change to instructions or a rule

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