Deliver & Assess Training

Simplify & Automate Training with a Digital Approach

Replace paper-based training processes with integrated, mobile solutions

Making content easy to access and use helps frontline staff be successful on the job, whether it’s in manuals or training modules. An approach to training that can be added on to your Comply365 mobile app enables frontline staff to easily toggle between their manuals and training content. It’s all part of simplifying your workspace with Comply365’s platform to support learning outcomes and maintain compliance.

Ultimately, a valuable training program updates frontline staff skills, evaluates their knowledge, and keeps updated records of their qualifications to ensure regulatory compliance. Relying on paper in each of these areas introduces complexity and risk while a digital approach increases speed and accuracy. With all of these areas integrated, data such as test scores, AQP or EBT evaluations, and staff information is shared among systems. Automation makes it easier to prepare for training-related audits and ensure qualifications stay up-to-date. And mobility enables instructors to complete evaluations in the air while empowering frontline staff with flexible learning.

Easily Maintain and Prove Compliance with Training Requirements
  • Efficiently deliver remote or classroom-based training
  • Instantly assess skills and sync results with integrated systems
  • Increase efficiency by eliminating data entry between systems
  • Decrease risk by eliminating lost or inaccurate data
  • Decrease IT burden by eliminating multiple training systems
  • Always have updated qualification records ready for an audit

Train, Evaluate, and Maintain Records for Any Department

Train Conductors & Engineers

  • Deliver remote training that can be completed on a mobile device anytime
  • Measure instructor-led training and evaluation from a mobile device out of connectivity and sync results in connectivity
  • Analyze qualifications across conductors & engineers or review individual training records

Learn how we power these use cases with LMS, AQP Learning Manager, and Qual365.


  • Distribute training documents and courses to mechanics wherever needed
  • Perform evaluations on the job and immediately update for tracking and reporting
  • Determine from your mobile device if crew members are qualified to perform required tasks

Learn how we power these use cases with LMS, AQP Learning Manager, and Qual365.

Streamline and Simplify Your Railroad's Training Management

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LMS Learning Manager
LMS Learning Manager

Deliver personalized and targeted training to frontline employees with remote learning software.


Simplify and automate the way your operation maintains records of employee qualifications with qualification tracking software.

AQP / EBT Learning Manager
AQP / EBT Learning Manager

Evaluate aviation skills in real-time, in or out of connectivity, with Advanced Qualification Program/Evidence-Based Training software.

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