Driving The Rail Industry's Shift to Transforming Processes with Mobile Document Distribution

Your partner for replacing paper documentation and manual processes with electronic rules and content management

Urgency to create a paperless work environment in the rail industry is gaining steam. As an industry leader that brought aviation through similar digital transformation challenges a decade ago, our experience is playing a vital role for the innovative railroads leading the way.

Solving Challenges We've Seen Before

The rail industry is moving away from paper bulletins, timetables, rule books, and other documents because paper increases costs and decreases operational performance. Aside from the monetary costs of paper, ink, and hardware, paper-based operations take time. Hand delivering documents, acknowledging receipt by radio, and manual processes all create the inefficiencies we’ve seen and solved in aviation.

Simply digitizing documents doesn’t fix those problems – only personalized, targeted mobile distribution of electronic rules and other documents backed by a unified approach to editing will. This enables crews to find the information they need quickly in or out of connectivity while enabling rules teams to streamline content edits and document creation.

End-to-End Digital Content Management & Distribution

Unifying all documents and teams with one content management system anyone can use increases editing efficiency and content consistency.

Incorporating preparation for audits into authoring eliminates lengthy preparation.

Only delivering updated content ensures reliable downloads; employees find rules fast with searchable content.

Employees easily see updated content and comply to it in the same app; manual compliance tracking is eliminated with automated tracking.

Rail Software Solutions

Industry Transformation
Industry Transformation

Backed by our experience working with airlines to transition to electronic manuals, we're partnering with innovative railroads to shed paper rule books, bulletins, and operating manuals while transforming processes for creating, distributing, and using content on the job.

Author Manuals
Author Manuals

By unifying all documents and all stakeholders in one platform, rail organizations are seeing increased consistency in their content across teams and geographies.

Manage Compliance
Manage Compliance

Ensure conductors and engineers have content they need and have reviewed it. Always be audit ready by tracing rules directly to satisfying content and running reports for oversight (e.g., FRA, ERA).

Access Content
Access Content

Our mobile app for document distribution is designed with the frontline in mind. As the industry moves away from PDF, we support the transition to HTML smart content that the frontline can filter and search to find data in seconds.

Collect Data
Collect Data

Equip employees to record data for the operation in and out of connectivity with electronic forms, increasing their productivity and the operation's ability to make data- driven decisions.

Deliver and Assess Training
Deliver and Assess Training

Find the right tools for remote learning, evidence-based training, and tracking qualifications to streamline and simplify training across your entire rail operation.

The Impact of Electronic Rules, Timetables, Bulletins & Other Content Across the Railroad

Rules Teams

  • An author is updating a policy in an operating manual that has to appear in documentation for different regions. Instead of rewriting the content in different systems used by each region, the author can reuse the content across all operating manuals, eliminating duplicated effort and possible inconsistencies in the content.
  • A new bulletin needs to be issued to several specific crews. Instead of printing the bulletins and having an employee drive to hand deliver them, or having a conductor copy them down by hand over the radio, an author can instantly distribute the new bulletin to the crew to read on their tablets.
  • An author edits a section of an operating manual according to an FRA (or ERA) rule update. After the edit gets internal approval, the author creates a trace between the updated content and the FRA rule in a few clicks. When it’s time for an audit, the rules team runs a report showing all the traces between rules and satisfying content.

Find out how we power these use cases through ProAuthor and our Mobile App, which includes Document & Communication Manager (DCM).

Conductors and Engineers

  • A crew sees water on the tracks and needs to look up the rule that will tell them how much they need to slow down. They search across all their documents for “water on tracks” and find the rule in seconds, without having to stop the train to look for the rule.
  • Special instructions are sent to a crew, and the organization needs to know the crew has acknowledged receiving and reading them. The crew receives the instructions, reads them on their tablets, and signs off to indicate their compliance all in one app.

Find out how we power these use cases through our Mobile App, which includes Document & Communication Manager (DCM).

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