COVID-19 Recovery Resources

COVID-19 Resources

During this difficult time, we hope the information here helps you navigate challenges and prepare for the future. Stay healthy, and reach out to us with any questions about these resources.

4 Tips to Collect & Manage COVID-19 Vaccination Status & Test Results

In the rapidly changing environment that aviation and rail are now forced to operate, airlines and railroads require effective tools enabling customers to respond to changes and communicate immediately to their employees and collect data as necessary.

Airlines and railroads might be prompted by regulatory bodies and/or own policies, to collect critical data with photographic evidence and proof of compliance, such as COVID-19 vaccination status or test results.

A response to that need is issuing forms, with all required information to frontline employees. Once the data is collected and digitally signed, airlines and railroads can immediately report results or monitor progress to compliance.

Comply365 today is supporting operations to address COVID-19-related communications and compliance. Contact us to see how we can enable your operation to ensure clear communications with employees while ensuring compliance.

4 Tips to Collect & Manage Covid19 Vaccination Status & Test Results

4 Tips to Prepare The Frontline For COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Cargo airlines like yours are planning for how they’ll transport billions of COVID-19 vaccine doses, and informing the frontline about new policies and procedures is an important part of the preparations. Distributing the updates in a way that enables the frontline to understand them quickly increases their efficiency and effectiveness on the job – and the success of your operation.

Below are a few ideas that cargo airlines we work with are implementing for preparing the frontline. Contact us today if you have questions. No doubt this is a logistical challenge the whole industry is working on solving together, and we’re happy to be a resource.

4 Ways to Speed Up Document Approval for COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution

Many cargo airlines are wondering how to distribute a COVID-19 vaccine to the world once it’s been approved. Preparation is key, but how can you prepare with so many unknowns?

You can start by ensuring you’re authoring documents as quickly as possible so that when we do know where vaccines will come from, the requirements for flying them, and where they need to go, you’ll be able to get those policies into your documents as soon as possible – so you can get aircraft in the sky as soon as possible.

Contact us today if you’d like to talk about how other cargo airlines are using these ideas to prepare for flying the COVID-19 vaccine. We hope you find them helpful!

3 Ways to Streamline Content Management

One of the most unfortunate outcomes of the COVID-19 crisis are furloughs and layoffs. Many airlines are now operating with fewer employees than usual, but the amount of work has stayed the same (if it hasn’t increased.) Check out these ways to streamline content management while staying productive. We hope they give you some ideas for doing more with less.

4 Ideas for Completing Revisions Remotely

There’s no doubt that COVID-19 is a long-term crisis, which means for most, a large number of employees will have to continue working from home. The work involved in the manual revision process is already challenging – and now, employees working apart only makes it tougher. Since many organizations are experiencing this, you might also like to see these ideas for getting revisions done remotely.

4 Ways to Efficiently Complete Remote Audits

Many airlines must now complete standards audits remotely. It’s another challenge to meet for your organization, especially as oversight becomes more frequent and employees work from their homes as well.

That’s why we’re passing along a few ideas for making these remote audits more efficient, so employees can focus on the most valuable work for navigating this difficult time – even if you find yourself being audited more often. Contact us today to ask us any questions about this information, and stay safe!

5 Tips: Faster Manual Updates to Prepare Passenger Aircraft for Cargo

If you’re preparing to use passenger aircraft for cargo flights, updating manuals is a major part of the process. The five tips below along will speed up that step. Look over the graphic to the right for a few practices our clients are using to get their flights in the sky faster.

4 Ideas for Collecting Info From Crews During COVID-19

The airline is counting on exchanging vital information between the frontline and the operation during COVID-19. Sending the right data in a way that’s actionable is another challenge on top of everything going on.

That’s why our clients recently shared these practices they’re using to collect and use data to improve operations. We hope you find them helpful. Contact us today with any questions about this info. And in the meantime, stay safe!

5 COVID-19 Crisis Communication Practices Via EFB

The COVID-19 situation is evolving daily. We’ve heard from many clients that keeping the frontline up-to-date with information that is constantly changing is a significant challenge – but as an innovative industry, they are finding solutions just as quickly. We hope these 5 client-tested best practices for communicating with the frontline via their EFBs during this crisis help you navigate this unprecedented challenge in an equally unprecedented time.

Feel free to reach out with any questions about this info, and stay safe!