Increasing Operational Efficiency by Streamlining the Manual Revision Process

Airlines rely on an average of 5-7 systems – or outsource – to manage the operational and company manuals they produce and distribute. We often see airlines using one aviation authoring software for one fleet, a different tool for a second fleet, and still another set of tools for company manuals and other documents. The challenges are multiplied for multi-AOC operators as they often duplicate data and re-author content for each AOC in different tools. While the Tech Pubs team works within those tools, other content contributors use different tools or even resort to paper markups and emailing edits.

So how do you simplify or even centralize your tech pub authoring? And can the way your airline authors, manages, and distributes documents improve safety and efficiency?


Airlines juggle data coming at them from varied sources and in many unique formats, leading to significant obstacles to simplification and centralization.

• The number of data sources and data types for required publications only seem to be growing, but you can’t make Boeing and Airbus create similar data sets.

• If your organization is using authoring software that is specific to a single fleet type, document type, or AOC, it probably means Tech Pubs and other content contributors are authoring in silos.

• Then it’s unlikely anyone can use more than one of your authoring tools – meaning your training (and hiring) needs are complicated.

• And finally, the end users of your content have unique needs, expect targeted content, and only seem to be growing in number.

While some challenges are out of your control, some are addressable through a new approach that focuses on what can be streamlined and simplified in order to deliver:

• A single aviation authoring software solution for all OEM and company manuals

• A common editor and automated workflow management for Tech Pubs and other content contributors

• Personalized and targeted distribution of content across user types

Comply365 has developed an integrated and end-to-end solution that harnesses the power of publications for operational performance, all the way from authoring to content delivery.

Document structure and data integrity are maintained across data sources in one authoring system by utilizing XML schemas. With one authoring system across many data sources, revision workflows and training needs become less complicated, and content for multiple AOCs can be authored only once and reused across manuals. By developing a common content editor that specifically doesn’t require XML expertise, Tech Pubs and other content contributors alike work within the same authoring system.

Through Comply365’s content management and distribution platform, the revision process of publications and the associated IT footprint is notably streamlined.

Furthermore, with Comply365, authored content can be tagged to user groups as well as real-life use cases to enable personalized and targeted content delivery. By enabling content users such as pilots with increasingly relevant and personalized job-critical data, the content is increasingly connected to the effectiveness of its users – tangibly improving safety and efficiency daily.

Let’s schedule a time to discuss your organization and how you can improve efficiency, safety, and compliance with a new approach to tech pubs