Optimizing EFB Data for Improved Availability with Tech Pubs Software for Airlines

Note: This is the third article in our EFB data availability series. 

Continuing with our theme of EFB data availability, another way to support end users is to tag content in manuals and other documentation using tech pubs software for airlines so that it’s easier and quicker to find in specific situations.

Like websites use keywords to be found on search engines, OEM and company manuals can be tagged with keywords to streamline the EFB search and filtering process for pilots.

So how does this work? Let’s go back our example in the previous article, “Organize for Usability: EFB Data Structure,” of the Airbus A320 pilot who experienced a bird strike. Understanding which checklists and procedures are needed for which real-life situations, an author (i.e. Technical Writer in the Technical Publications department) can include content tags across multiple pages and data sources to reduce time and effort for the pilot to search and find relevant information.

Example keywords:
• Bird strike

• Wildlife strike

• Fleet type – Airbus A320

Here are some tips for optimizing EFB data:

optimizing efb data with tech pubs software for airlines

By optimizing data with the end user in mind, you can further support them in situations where they need information most.


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