The New Era For Rail Operational Content

Digital transformation in rail

If your railroad’s paper-based operational documents are a thing of the past – now ready to become a collector’s item on eBay – congratulations! Digital transformation for rail’s paper-based grips, bulletins, timetables, general orders, rule books and manuals are a big accomplishment and should be celebrated.

But taking the next digital step is where even more value comes in.

First movers in rail experienced the cost reductions, efficiencies, and safety gains of digitizing documents. But the journey continues to a broader transformation – the era of smart content delivery.

The days of searching for content are gone.
Smart operational content now follows a crew member based on their roles, duties, or routes.

Railroads can deliver tremendous value to their mobile end users by delivering content that provides a more personalized and targeted experience. This starts during the authoring process by creating smart content that is tailored and automatically delivered based on attributes of every user (role, locomotive, segment, and more).

Crew members no longer need to search through a ton of irrelevant bulk information to find the relevant information they need. By empowering the mobile end user with the right content, right when they need it, they increase the safety and efficiency of the operation.

Digital Transformation in RailComply365 has been partnering with rail operators to provide support at every step of their digital transformation journey, including delivery of smart content to engineers and conductors. In this Railway Age article, read more about three major initiatives where our technology is at the cornerstone.

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