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Data-driven decision-making is key for navigating post-COVID challenges like delivering vaccines in compliance and government re-openings that come with their own set of regulations the frontline has to follow. Enabling the frontline to understand content updates, quickly find data, and communicate with operations enables pilots and flight attendants do their jobs in compliance with documentation – and increases operational performance for the airline.   However, common obstacles stand in the way of these electronic flight bag […]
Although recognized for its important role in safe and compliant airline operations, the authoring of technical publications still remains complicated and sometimes unwieldy. A variety of factors such as unique document formats and different editing tools per OEM have historically challenged the simplification of tech pubs authoring. However, technology and consequently the solutions available have […]
Keeping manuals up-to-date matters not only for compliance, but also to ensure end users have the latest information about safety, regulations, and policies. But this can be challenging. OEM and company manual revisions are ongoing and can be quite intense. The number of people and different roles involved make it complicated and cumbersome, especially if […]
Structuring EFB data with the end user in mind helps them find and act on relevant information more quickly. The same could be said of two-way communication between the Ops Center and end users. It’s possible to not even know that end users need assistance unless you receive real-time information from them. One U.S airline […]
A common challenge that airlines voice to us is that there are so many disparate manuals that their pilots have to learn not only the content but also how to use and navigate the manuals, in part because of their EFB data structure. This isn’t ideal in any situation. And in an emergency situation, poorly […]
The value of airline read and sign software for EFB depends on how well it’s built for the end user when they’re facing a critical situation – especially because of the growing need to access actionable data that’s spreading throughout the industry. Market research firm Technavio recently identified new regulatory mandates, hardware innovations, and data […]