AQP/EBT Learning Manager

Seamlessly Evaluate Skills In or Out of Connectivity

Quickly and easily evaluating on-the-job skills in real-time makes your AQP/EBT program more efficient and effective. Relying on paper or a digital solution not made for this purpose makes these evaluations slower and more difficult.

Ideally, evaluators or instructors should be able to grade skills with or without connectivity and have the results sync when they’re back in connectivity. This approach eliminates the risk and inefficiency of data entry while keeping evaluation data updated in real-time — making it easy to prove compliance with training requirements.

Easily Complete Evaluations and Share Data

Customize evaluations to grade behavioral markers and multiple steps of a task.

Create unlimited custom reports to analyze performance trends and proactively adjust your program with data-driven decisions.

Reduce risk of errors by eliminating data entry.

Simplify and Automate Skills Evaluations

Customize Evaluations for your Program
  • Customizable forms structured to fit your needs, including evaluation of event sets and events, or tasks with competencies in support of both checking and training
  • Get up and running quickly – seamlessly transform your task lists to training and learning objectives
  • Create custom lookup fields per your naming standards
  • Configure the system to support evidence-based training (EBT) to assess trainees across a set of competencies
  • One source of data provides trainee performance and easily pivots to show evaluator trends
  • Configure rating scales to suit different types of evaluations and validations
Easily Grade Critical Skills
  • Work online or offline on Android, iOS, or Windows devices
  • Add additional tasks during assessment
  • Flexibility to configure evaluation rating types based on situation
  • Save time with form chaining, i.e., move right into the next evaluation without having to fill out form information
  • Create forms with embedded logic that can force an overall rating based on the progress of the trainee through the assessment
Increase Efficiency and Prove Compliance
  • Customize reporting and dashboards to gain insights to the areas of performance that matter most to your program
  • See performance trends with real-time and automatic rollups of evaluation data for evaluators and students
  • U.S. air carriers enjoy a single click to generate pre-formatted files for uploading to the FAA to make monthly reporting requirements simple.

Make Evaluations Efficient and Effective

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