Manage Compliance

Easily Manage Compliance of Your Employees and Rule Books

Simplify & automate employee acknowledgement of content updates and preparation for audits of your rules

While managing compliance is a challenge for railroads, it’s incredibly important. Ensuring that frontline staff have received and indicated compliance with the latest information increases their safety on the job. However, current methods for executing and tracking compliance contribute to inefficiency across the operation.

We’ve heard from our customers…

…If a bulletin with updated information is issued, the conductor has to copy the new information down by hand and state their compliance over the radio.

…The last crew of the day has to ensure that the next morning’s crews have the appropriate documentation to complete their trips.

A digital approach to employee compliance goes beyond replacing paper – it transforms processes associated with the documents like these.

Simplifying & automating compliance management increases operational efficiency and safety

Conductors and engineers reliably receive updates, even in poor connectivity.

Employees easily see what’s been updated and indicate compliance on their mobile device.

Employees only have access to the most up-to-date content, eliminating confusion.

Time and effort spend on manual compliance tracking is eliminated with automated tracking.

Owners are notified of revisions to ensure their content still answers traced standards.

Out-of-the-box reporting easily proves compliance to regulators/auditors and reveals opportunities to improve it.

Innovative approaches to audits eliminates time-consuming preparation

Whether you’re preparing for a routine safety review by a regulator, completing a self-audit, or going through a third-party audit, being able to prove that your railroad’s rules address regulations and standards is top priority. Manually noting a regulation and the rule that satisfies it in spreadsheets or other tools wastes time and diverts focus from higher value activities for valuable personnel.

With one platform for managing all railroad rule books and other documents, Rules Teams can link regulations and standards directly to satisfying content as they make edits. With this approach, preparing for a rail audit is faster and provides a complete picture of compliance. When the time for an audit comes, the railroad only has to run a report for regulators and auditors showing the traces, enabling the organization to always be audit ready.

Incorporating preparation into authoring enables railroads to always be audit ready
  • One platform for regulations and standards, manuals, and stakeholders increases efficiency
  • Authors trace regulations and standards to content as part of the authoring process, eliminating ad hoc preparation
  • Notifying owners of revisions to their content increases consistency
  • Reports of standards traces give regulators and auditors all the information they need
  • No need to outsource preparation

Increase performance across departments with a new approach to compliance

Conductors and Engineers

  • A conductor and engineer on a train in a remote area with poor connectivity receive an updated bulletin on their mobile devices about a construction update on another railroad’s track. They read the updated content and sign off without having to stop the train and delay their trip. Revision control ensures they only have access to the most up-to-date content.

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Rules Teams

  • The platform automatically records the conductor and engineers’ compliance with the new bulletin.
  • The Rules Team is updating an operating manual with new regulations from the FRA. When the content receives internal approval, they create a trace between the regulation and the content in the document editor. Before the audit, the Rules Team runs a report that shows the FRA where regulations are addressed in the operating manuals, rule books, and other documents.

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Our integrated, end-to-end content management platform for rail simplifies and automates revisions, enables audit readiness, and delivers targeted content.


Link regulations and standards directly to rule book content to eliminate manual rail audit preparation and provide a complete view of your documentation's compliance.

Mobile App
Mobile App

Distribute targeted bulletins, rule books, timetables, operating manuals, and more to your conductors and engineers. Enable efficient compliance execution and tracking.

Ready to Simplify & Automate Compliance at Your Railroad?