Electronic Flight Bag (EFB)
Instant Access to Critical Information with the Best Electronic Flight Bag for Flight Crews 

Access the mission-critical information you need throughout each phase of flight with the best electronic flight bag for the frontline. Comply365’s EFB is the popular, proven solution flight crews can count on when it matters most for instant and reliable access to everything they need at their fingertips to help flights run smoother and streamline operations.

Whether you have a digital solution that’s difficult to use and is constantly failing, or you’re still relying on paper documentation as a primary, or even backup solution, Comply365’s electronic flight bag (EFB) can transform your mission-critical information into a reliable mobile solution that’s always up-to-date and accessible, in and out of connectivity – from takeoff to landing. Flight crews can access everything from EFB manuals to flight plans, memos, NOTAMs and Chief Pilot bulletins on any platform or mobile device in a fully customizable and searchable interface that allows them to focus on the flight and respond in any situation faster than ever before.

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  • Mobilize your crews with everything they need at their fingertips, with or without internet access
  • Personalize documents with highlighting and annotations
  • Retain personalized bookmarks from revision to revision
  • Organize your documents multiple layers deep with a hierarchical structure
  • Search every page of a document to find information quickly
  • Focus on flying with a reliable, secure application
  • Distribute targeted information with easy role-based set-up
  • Maintain complete revision control by automatically delivering the most current content to crews
  • Distribute content of any type– EFB manuals, policies and procedures, flight releases, videos, NOTAMs, ACs, Chief Pilot bulletins, ABGs and other relevant content
  • Comply with aviation regulatory standards easily, and quickly show a crew is compliant
  • Rely on a proven solution with a focus on aviation regulatory compliance

Proven Solution for EFB and Beyond

Comply365 led the way in helping the airline industry transition to an EFB. For years, flight crews have relied on Comply365’s proven solution, and today nearly all U.S. commercial carriers have turned to the experts at Comply365 to transform their mission-critical documentation into an EFB, helping them realize significant operational cost savings and stay in compliance.

    • Maintenance Request Forms
    • Airworthiness Papers
    • Air Carrier Operating Certificates
    • NOTAMs
    • ACs
    • Chief Pilot Bulletins
    • ABGs
    • Email (InApp Mail)

Empower Inflight Crews With EFB

We’ve revolutionized the whole cabin by providing electronic manuals and communications for all crew members – increasing productivity, compliance, safety and communication from take-off to landing and everywhere in between.

With digital access to safety and service manuals, photos and videos right at their fingertips, flight attendants can easily carry out routine tasks such as food plating or assisting unaccompanied minors with greater consistency and confidence. Comply365’s solutions make it easy to set up checklists, workflows or automated compliance tracking, allowing a team to meet a higher level of compliance or carry out safety and security procedures with greater accuracy.

Savings That Quickly Add Up

Increase Productivity
Automate workflows and streamline processes for a boost in productivity and efficiency with a single-source, full-featured document management system.

Reduce Fines/Issues
Avoid non-compliance issues that could result in fines or other costly issues such as delays and crew timeouts.

Digitize Your Entire Cabin
Save hundreds of thousands of dollars annually by digitizing your entire cabin–everything from EFB manuals to airworthiness paperwork to air carrier operating certificates.

Distribution Savings
Eliminate printing and shipping costs, as well as the time and labor needed to manage paper processes.

Key Features:

  • Upload and distribute any file type – PDF, XLS, MP4, etc.
  • Choose between light and dark color themes based on your environment for easier reading
  • Login once – Single Sign-On capabilities (SSO)
  • Comprehensively search across the entire library
  • Set automatic document revision control
  • View real-time compliance reporting
  • Set Favorites for most-used content
  • Access on iOS, Android and Windows devices