Iowa Northern Railway Transforms to Digital Rule Books with Comply365

Iowa Northern Railway Transforms to Digital Rule Books with Comply365

Comply365’s Mobile Platform to Deliver Critical Documents to Engineers & Conductors

Beloit, WI – FEB. 1, 2023 – Comply365 is pleased to welcome Iowa Northern Railway to its growing Class III short line railroad community. The railroad will transform its operation to digital rule books and forms to increase efficiency, enhance safety, and save paper and printing costs.

The railroad’s conductors and engineers will soon leave heavy bags of paper documentation behind, replacing them with the Comply365 mobile app on tablets that will deliver the rule books, bulletins, special instructions, and other mission-critical documents that each crew member needs, straight to their fingertips.

“We were looking for a better way to manage our operational content and compliance to ensure our crews have the most up-to-date information. Comply365 stood out with their success in digitizing the rail industry,” said Mark Vaughn, Assistant General Manager at Iowa Northern Railway. “We look forward to benefitting from a more efficient operation with targeted distribution to our crews.”

Based in Waterloo, Iowa, the freight railroad serves industries throughout North Central Iowa to Cedar Rapids, providing first and last mile service and connecting Iowa’s manufacturing and agricultural communities with access to all Class I railroads and the entire North American rail network.

Conductors and engineers will be able to quickly find the operational content they need by searching and filtering to only relevant information they need, while adding personal annotations, bookmarks, and highlights to their documents, which will be retained across revisions.

The railroad will be able to ensure crews have the most up-to-date content with automatic revision control, and it will be able to break down compliance status in different views for insights to improve compliance.

Iowa Northern will also capture data from crew members using Comply365’s electronic forms, which can kick off workflows and support data-driven decisions.

Comply365’s rail division includes several Class I, II, and III freight customers, as well as passenger and commuter rail operators. Digital transformation has improved rail safety by simplifying the authoring, distributing and compliance of all content associated with operating practices. In addition to targeted content distribution, data captured in the field from electronic forms is contributing to greater efficiencies. Digital transformation has also introduced the automation of training programs to ensure new levels of safety.

“We are happy to welcome Iowa Northern Railway to Comply365’s rail community, which continues to grow and diversify as rail operators across the industry see the benefits of sharing operational content both within their railroad and across partner railroads,” Comply365 CEO Tom Samuel said. “We are excited to help Iowa Northern shed paper and transform their business to increase operational safety and efficiency.”

Comply365 is the leading provider of enterprise SaaS and mobile solutions for content management and document distribution in highly regulated industries including aviation, rail, and energy. Comply365 supports the world’s most mobile and remote workforces with targeted and personalized delivery of job-critical data that enables safe, efficient, and compliant operations. Every day, hundreds of thousands of pilots, flight attendants, maintenance technicians, rail conductors and engineers, and energy workers rely on Comply365 for digital delivery of operational (OEM and company) manuals. Having played an instrumental role in the FAA’s approval of replacing the traditional, paper-based, pilot flight bags with electronic flight bags (EFBs), Comply365 partners with clients to transform their industries.

Iowa Northern Railway Company (IANR) is a Class III shortline railroad serving industries throughout North Central Iowa to Cedar Rapids. IANR is a privately owned, innovative corporation providing a responsive approach to first and last mile service and connecting Iowa’s manufacturing and agricultural communities to the transportation network.

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